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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
L. Helmet Mask R. Picasso Costume Designs for Parade, Diaghilev's Ballet Russe.   BAULE PEOPLE Anonymous     c. 1850-1950 
T. Les Demoiselles d'Avignon. BL Gobi BR. Pende Mask for Smallpox   PICASSO Pablo   Oil on Canvas  L. 1907 R. 19th-20th c 
L. Ancestor Reliquary R. Cubist/ Constructivist Head #1.   KOTA Anonymous     c. 1800-1925 
L. Head C. Mask R. The White Negress.   FANG Anonymous   Wood  c. 1900-1930 
Magic Assemblage with chimpanzee skull.   KONGO PEOPLES Anonymous   Skull; cane  c. 1850-1950 
L. Mother and Child R. La Grande Musicienne.   LUBA PEOPLES Anonymous   Wood  c. 1850-1950 
L. Magic Assemblage C. Figure R. Nkisi MKondo Power figure.   KONGO PEOPLES Anonymous   Skull; cane  c. 1850-1950 
L. Ogbado Engi Mask. R. Boxing   IGBO PEOPLE Anonymous   Wood  c. 1800-1951 
L. Komaga Face Mask. C. Elders & Dancers R. Circumcision Cave, symbol   DOGON Anonymous   Wood; sisal  L. c. 1850-1950 C. 1999 R. c. 1850-1950 
Masked Dancers with Men on Stilts Representing Young Women.   DOGON Anonymous     1999 
Bandiagara Escarpment with Banami Village.   TELLEM/DOGON Anonymous     1999 
L. Early Granaries on Bandiagara Escarpment. R. Songo Village.   TELLEM/DOGON Anonymous     1999 
Girl with Water Vessel in Fields Near Sanga Village.   COHEN Kathleen     1999 
L. Girl Pounding Grain. R. Woman Pounding Grain.   COHEN Kathleen     1999 
L. Figure of an Elder C. Dogon Man R. Toguna (House of Words)   DOGON Anonymous   Wood  c. 1500-1999 
Dogon Ancestors: Seated Couple   DOGON Anonymous   Wood & metal  c. 1850-1950 
Tireli Village. Dogon Animist Shrine   DOGON Anonymous     1999 
Map of Nubia.   CARTOGRAPHER Anonymous      
L. Hippo Fragment R. Thin Walled Bowl with Cattle.   NUBIAN Anonymous   Earthenware  3000 BCE 
Vessels.   KERMA Anonymous     c. 1750 BCE-1570 BCE 
L. Ceramic Figurines R. Folukas on the Nile.   NUBIAN LATE GROUP C CULTURE Anonymous   Terracotta  2300 BCE-1700 BCE 
Temple of Hatshepsut. Boat from Journey to Punt.   EGYPTIAN XVIII DYNASTY Anonymous   Gypsum; tempera  c. 1473 BCE-1458 BCE 
Tribute from expedition by Rameses II into Lower Nubia. A Nubian princess.   EGYPTIAN NEW KINGDOM Anonymous     c. 1297 BCE-1213 BCE 
L. Head of Queen Tiye. R. Head of Akhenaton.   EGYPTIAN AMARNA PERIOD Anonymous   Stucco; Gypsum  c. 1340 BCE 

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