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Cover thumbnail for CA 05.1 The Land & People Before Columbus CA 05.1 The Land & People Before Columbus

Students describe the major pre-Columbian settlements, including the cliff dwellers and pueblo people of the desert Southwest, the American Indians of the Pacific Northwest, the nomadic nations of the Great Plains, and the woodland peoples east of the Mississippi River.

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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Detail of American Mastodon (Mammut americanum).   AMERICAN Anonymous     b. 8000 BCE 
Folsom points from the Great Lakes region.   PALEO-INDIAN Anonymous   Stone  8700 BCE -7500 BCE 
Petrograph with 43 figures. Replica.   PALEO-INDIAN Anonymous     c. 1000-1500 
The Gatherers (Archaic).   WHYTE Thomas R.     c. 1970-1990 
Black walnut and hickory nuts.   NATURE     1970-1990 
Diorama detail showing a Native American building a fire.   NATIVE AMERICAN Anonymous     c. 500-1900 
Betatakin. Distant view of site.   ANASAZI Anonymous     1100-1300 
Mesa Verde. Cliff Palace.Pueblo buildings.   ANASAZI Anonymous     1100-1350 
Mesa Verde. Sun Temple .Kiva.   ANASAZI Anonymous     c. 900-1300 
Diorama of Classic Pueblo Period; 1250 A.D. Detail: Pueblo showing tower.   ANASAZI Anonymous     c. 1250 
Village model. Ritual dance.   ANASAZI Anonymous     c. 1100 
Kiva jar.   ANASAZI Anonymous   Earthenware  c. 700-1400 
Hopewell hut model.   ADENA Anonymous     c. 300 
Adena shaman in wolf mask & skin holding effigy of man to be healed.   ADENA Anonymous     1000 BCE-200 CE 
Adena woman scraping hides.   ADENA Anonymous     1000 BCE-200 CE 
Adena human effigy pipe.   ADENA Anonymous   Stone  1000 BCE-200 CE 
Tomahawks.   EASTERN WOODLANDS Anonymous   Wood; Stone; Copper  c. 1400-1500 
Men's clothes; chief's headdress; storage basket; & war club.   HURON Anonymous   Leather; fabric  c. 1725-1924 
Blackfoot chief costume.   BLACKFOOT Anonymous   Mixed media  c. 1850-1950 
Feather Head Dress.   MAIDU Anonymous     c. 1900-1940 
The inside of a House in Oonalashka (Unalaska).   WEBBER John     c. 1778-1784 
Exact Representation of the Inhabitants of Norton Sound & of Their Habitations.   WEBBER John     c. 1778-1784 
Potlatch ceremony. Diorama.   KWAKIUTL Anonymous     c. 1890 
Dancers Posing in Potlach Regalia.   CURTIS Edward Sheriff     1914 
Dog Feast (Sioux).   CATLIN George     Exhibited 1870 

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