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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Coburg Pentateuch.   JUDEO-GERMAN Anonymous     1395 
San Marco (St. Marks). Narthex dome. Mosaic Creation of light & animals.   VENETIAN BYZANTINE Anonymous     1100-1300 
San Marco (St. Mark's). Narthex dome. Mosaics depicting Creation.   VENETIAN BYZANTINE Anonymous     1100-1300 
Adam and Eve.   RUBENS Peter Paul   Oil on Canvas  c. 1605-1640 
Palatine Chapel.Interior. Nave. Adam & Eve working.   MIDDLE BYZANTINE Anonymous   Tesserae  1140-1160 
Cain Slaying Abel.   RUBENS Peter Paul     c. 1615-1625 
Cain from Victor Hugo's Legend of the Ages.   CORMON Fernand   Oil on canvas  c. 1880 
Chapel of the Virgin. Seth Planting Tree of Life.   MASTER OF OLITE     1333 
Palatine Chapel.Interior. Nave. Dove Returns to Noah's Ark.   MIDDLE BYZANTINE Anonymous   Tesserae  1140-1160 
Bourges. St. Etienne. West façade. Frieze detail. Noah with his wife & animals.   FRENCH HIGH GOTHIC Anonymous   Stone  1225-1260 
Noah Sacrificing After the Deluge.   WEST Benjamin     c. 1800 
Lot and his Daughters.   SCHOOL OF LEYDEN Anonymous   Wood  c. 1520-1530 
Lot & his daughters leaving Sodom.   DÜRER Albrecht   Oil on Wood  1496-1499 
Lot & his daughters.   ALTDORFER Albrecht   Oil on Wood  1537 
Lot & his Daughters.   GOLTZIUS Hendrick     1616 
Lot & his Daughters.   MASSYS Jan     16 c 
Daniel Interprets Nebachanezzar's Dream.   CLAUSOR Grant Romney     c. 1977 
Daniel in the Lions' Den.   RUBENS Peter Paul   Oil; Canvas  c. 1613-1615 
Antiphonal. Initial D: Noah directing the construction of the Ark.   BINASCO Francesco   Pigment & gilt on parchment  c. 1495-1510 
Saint-Savin-sur-Gartempe. Abbey church. Nave. Noah & the ark.   FRENCH ROMANESQUE Anonymous     c. 1100 
San Marco (St. Mark's). Narthex. Mosaic depicting Noah & the flood.   VENETIAN BYZANTINE Anonymous     1100-1300 
Story of Noah: scenes from the Deluge; mosaics from the narthex, Milan, San Marc   VENETIAN BYZANTINE Anonymous   mosaic  c. 1200-1300 
Fontainebleau.Francis I Gallery. The Flood.   IL ROSSO     1528-1530 
Vatican. Sistine Chapel. Ceiling: Story of Noah.   MICHELANGELO     1508-1512 
Noah Sacrificing After the Deluge. Detail.   WEST Benjamin     c. 1800 

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