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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Jar for Dead Sea Scrolls.   JUDAIC Anonymous   Earthenware  200 BCE-100 BCE 
Meeting at the Golden Gate.   LIPPI Filippino     1497 
SS. Annunziata. Atrium. Birth of the Virgin.   SARTO Andrea del     1514 
Santa Ana Teaching the Virgin to Read.   MURILLO Bartolome Esteban   Oil on Canvas  1655 
Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple.   CARPACCIO Vittore   Canvas  c. 1500-1526 
Annunciation.   LIPPI Filippo     c. 1440-1460 
Annunciation.   CAMPIN Robert   Wood  c. 1425-1444 
Annunciation. Detail: Angel.   VAN EYCK Jan   Oil on Panel transferred to canvas  c. 1435-1437 
Annunciation.   MEMLING Hans     1482 
Ecce Ancilla Domini! (The Annunciation).   ROSSETTI Dante Gabriel   Oil  c. 1850 
Annunciation.   TANNER Henry Ossawa     1898 
Marriage of the Virgin.   PERUGINO     c. 1504 
Marriage of the Virgin. Detail: Virgin & Joseph.   MASTER OF THE TIBURTINE SIBYL   Oil on Panel  c. 1480-1495 
Reims. Notre Dame. West façade. Visitation.   FRENCH HIGH GOTHIC Anonymous   Stone  c. 1230-1233 
Carmelite church.Visitation window.   GERMAN GOTHIC Anonymous   Glass  1445 
Nativity.   CAMPIN Robert     c. 1425 
Palatine Chapel.Interior. Apse. Nativity. Detail: Bathing the Baby Jesus.   MIDDLE BYZANTINE Anonymous   Tesserae  1140-1150 
Adoration of the Shepherds. Detail: Baby.   LA TOUR Georges de     c. 1630-1653 
Adoration of the Magi.   MEMLING Hans   Oil on Wood  c. 1470-1494 
Chartres. Notre Dame Cathedral.Choir window. La Belle Verrière. Detail.   FRENCH EARLY GOTHIC Anonymous   Glass  c. 1170 
Marzat. Notre Dame Black Virgin.   FRENCH ROMANESQUE Anonymous   Wood  12 c 
Holy Family.   RAPHAEL     c.1500 
Presentation at the Temple.   MASTER OF SAINT-SEVERIN   Wood  c. 1485-1500 
Adoration of the Magi Triptych. Wing: Presentation at the Temple.   MEMLING Hans   Oil on Wood  c. 1470-1472 
Expectant Madonna with Saint Joseph.   FRENCH LATE GOTHIC Anonymous   Oil; Tempera; Panel  c. 1437-1450 

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