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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Byblos. Figurines.   NEOLITHIC Anonymous     c. 3000 BCE-2000 BCE 
Stone Age site.Byblos.   LEVANTINE Anonymous     6000 BCE -3000 BCE 
Neolithic stone vessels.Byblos.   LEVANTINE Anonymous   Stone  6000 BCE -3000 BCE 
Site.Byblos.   PHOENICIAN Anonymous     c. 1200 BCE-200 BCE 
Temple of Obelisks. Byblos.   PHOENICIAN Anonymous     2000 BCE -1500 BCE 
Egyptian sarcophogi. Byblos.   PHOENICIAN Anonymous     1000 BCE-100 BCE 
Roman colonnade.Byblos.   ROMAN IMPERIAL Anonymous     c. 1-200 
Roman colonnade.Byblos.   ROMAN IMPERIAL Anonymous     c. 1-200 CE 
Baalbek. Sanctuary of Jupiter Heliopolitanus.Columns.   ROMAN IMPERIAL Anonymous   Stone  50-250 
Temple of Obelisks. Sacrificial Pit.Byblos.   PHOENICIAN Anonymous     2000 BCE -1500 BCE 
Byblos. Roman Theater.   ROMAN IMPERIAL Anonymous     c. 50-250 
Byblos. Royal Tomb. Gold Pectoral with Egyptian Falcon.   PHOENICIAN Anonymous   Gold  2000 BCE-1600 BCE 
Pectoral with eagle.   PHOENICIAN Anonymous   Gold  c. 2000 BCE-1600 BCE 
Byblos. Fenestrated Axe Head.   LATE BRONZE AGE Anonymous   Silver  2000 BCE-1600 BCE 
Golden calf statuette.   BRONZE AGE Anonymous   Gold on Bronze  c. 2000 BCE -1600 BCE 
Byblos. Figures.   PHOENICIAN Anonymous   Copper alloy  c. 2000 BCE-1750 BCE 
Panel with sphinxes and tree of life.   PHOENICIAN Anonymous   Ivory  9 c BCE -6 c BCE 
Khorsabad. Palace of Sargon II. Water transport of cedar logs from Lebanon for constructio   NEO-ASSYRIAN Anonymous     c. 720 BCE 
Khosabad. Palace of Sargon II. Transport of Cedar Wood from Lebanon.   NEO-ASSYRIAN Anonymous   Stone  722 BCE-705 BCE 
Sarcophagus of Eshmunazor II King of Sidon.   PHOENICIAN Anonymous   Black amphibolite  489 BCE-475 BCE 
Byblos. Pharaoh Osorkon I with Phoenician inscription of Eliba'al king of Byblos.   EGYPTO-PHOENICIAN Anonymous   Pink quartzite  c. 925 BCE-875 BCE 
Glass Alabastron.   GREEK Anonymous   Glass  599 BCE-400 BCE 
Coins of Tiribazus (386-380 BCE) & Sidon.   ACHAEMENID Anonymous   Gold; Silver  c. 499 BCE-380 BCE 
Necklace with mask pendant.   PHOENICIAN Anonymous   Glass  499 BCE-100 BCE 
Necklace with flat glass beads.   PHOENICIAN Anonymous   Glass  99 BCE-1 BCE 

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