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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Andrew Jackson Peace medal on Native American necklace.   NATIVE AMERICAN & AMERICAN Anonymous   Silver; leather; beads  1829 
Andrew Jackson Peace medal.   AMERICAN Anonymous   Silver  1829 
Medicine Man's shirt (gods in center).   APACHE Anonymous   Leather & paint  c. 1800-1900 
Mask & shirt for sacred dances in healing ceremonies.   APACHE Anonymous   Leather/paint/feathers  c. 1800-1899 
Protective mantle. Worn by scout to make him invisible. (Kan god in center).   APACHE Anonymous   Leather & paint  c. 1860-1880 
Large jar-shaped basket.   APACHE Anonymous   Yucca root; Willow  c. 1885 
Large jar-shaped basket. Detail.   APACHE Anonymous   Yucca root; Willow  c. 1885 
Burden basket.   WESTERN APACHE Anonymous     c. 1890-1899 
Playing cards.   APACHE Anonymous   Rawhide  c. 1866-1873 
Horse face ornament.   APSÁALOOKE (CROW) Anonymous   Beads; Horsehair; Rawhide  c. 1890 
Weapons.   ARAPAHO Anonymous     c. 1873 
Hand drum.   ASSINIBOIN Anonymous   Leather/paint  c. 1880 
Shaman Bull Child's Medicine Bundle and Whistle   BLACKFOOT Anonymous   Leather; fur; feathers on Leather  c. 1800-1900 
Buffalo headdress.   BLACKFOOT Anonymous   Bison horns; Feathers; Hair  c. 1880 
Knife sheath & knife.   BLACKFOOT Anonymous   Hide; Beads; Steel; Mother of pearl  c. 1875 
Vest.   BRULE SIOUX Anonymous   Leather; Porcupine quills; Cotton  c. 1885 
Painted skin warrior record. Kills three soldiers & shows bravery by touching wi   CHEYENNE Anonymous   Leather/paint  c. 1850-1900 
Painted skin warrior record. Kills Sioux hiding in bushes.   CHEYENNE Anonymous   Leather/paint  c. 1800-1900 
Weapons; pouch; & moccasin.   CHEYENNE Anonymous     c. 1800-1899 
Items removed from the Sand Creek Massacre (29 November 1864).   CHEYENNE Anonymous     c. 1864 
Objects found at the Battle of Summit Springs (11 July 1869).   CHEYENNE Anonymous     c. 1869 
Woman's beaded buckskin dress.   CHEYENNE Anonymous   Buckskin/beads  c. 1800-1900 
Painted skin for model teepee.   CHEYENNE Anonymous   Leather/paint  c. 1800-1900 
Parfleche cases. Painted rawhide.   CHEYENNE Anonymous   Rawhide/paint  c. 1870-1885 
Headdress with long trailer.   COMANCHE Anonymous   Eagle feathers  c. 1880 

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