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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Sioux dress and peace medal.   SIOUX NATION Anonymous   Mixed media  c. 1850-1899 
Saddle blanket.   SIOUX NATION Anonymous   Leather/beads  c. 1890 
Painted storage bag for pemmican.   SIOUX NATION Anonymous   Leather/paint  c. 1800-1950 
Storage bag.   SIOUX NATION Anonymous   Leather/quills  c. 1890 
Winter Count pictograph of Sitting Bull (Tatanka Yotanka 1834-1889)   SIOUX NATION Anonymous     c. 1902 
Warrior carrying child and riding horse while woman walks.   SIOUX NATION Anonymous   Leather/paint  c. 1840-1890 
Horse hood for 4th of July parade.   SIOUX NATION Anonymous   Beads; Horsehair  c. 1900 
Storage bag for arrows.   SIOUX NATION Anonymous   Leather; beads  c. 1800-1900 
Storage bag for arrows. Detail.   SIOUX NATION Anonymous   Leather; beads  c. 1800-1900 
Two beaded vests.   SIOUX NATION Anonymous   Hide; Cloth; Glass beads  c. 1890-1900 
Moccasins with quill decoration.   SIOUX NATION Anonymous   Leather/quills/beads  c. 1895 
Beaded Cradle.   TAHDO   Leather; Glass; Pigment; Cotton; Silk; Wood; Silver  c.1915 
Bear Effigy club.   SIOUX NATION Anonymous   Wood; Iron; Pigment  c. 1870 
War bonnet.   UTE Anonymous     c. 1800-1980 
Beaded pipe bags.   WICHITA Anonymous   Leather/beads  c. 1800-1950 
Baby bonnet with pictographs.   AUGUSTA Todd Yellow Cloud   Cotton cloth; Glass beads  1991 
Feather fan.   BELINDO Barry   Feathers; Leather; Beads; Ribbon; Pigment  1999 
Nations. Detail.   TAYLOR Ann 'Chapoos'   Wood; glass beads  2002 
Nations.   TAYLOR Ann 'Chapoos'   Wood; glass beads  2002 
Water jar & basket hopper.   APACHE Anonymous   Plant fiber; Tree resin  c. 1900-1920 

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