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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Andrew Jackson Peace medal.   AMERICAN Anonymous   Silver  1829 
Mask & shirt for sacred dances in healing ceremonies.   APACHE Anonymous   Leather/paint/feathers  c. 1800-1899 
Jar-shaped baskets.   APACHE Anonymous     c. 700-1400 
Apache cane flute.   APACHE Anonymous   Mixed media  c. 1800-1950 
Buckskin shirt.   APACHE Anonymous   Leather  c. 19-20 c 
Mother & Child.   APACHE Anonymous   Leather  c. 19-20 c 
Protective mantle. Worn by scout to make him invisible. (Kan god in center).   APACHE Anonymous   Leather & paint  c. 1860-1880 
Dance mask & headdress.   APACHE Anonymous   Leather & paint  c. 19-20 c 
Medicine Man's shirt (gods in center).   APACHE Anonymous   Leather & paint  c. 1800-1900 
Storage basket.   APACHE Anonymous     c. 1900 
Apache objects.   APACHE Anonymous     c. 1800-1925 
Playing cards.   APACHE Anonymous   Rawhide  c. 1866-1873 
Large jar-shaped basket.   APACHE Anonymous   Yucca root; Willow  c. 1885 
Large jar-shaped basket. Detail.   APACHE Anonymous   Yucca root; Willow  c. 1885 
Water jar & basket hopper.   APACHE Anonymous   Plant fiber; Tree resin  c. 1900-1920 
Cradleboard mounted on horse.   APSÁALOOKE (CROW) Anonymous   Felt  2000 
Horse face ornament.   APSÁALOOKE (CROW) Anonymous   Beads; Horsehair; Rawhide  c. 1890 
War shirt & coup sticks.   ARAPAHO Anonymous     c. 1800-1925 
Weapons.   ARAPAHO Anonymous     c. 1873 
Hand drum.   ASSINIBOIN Anonymous   Leather/paint  c. 1880 
Baby bonnet with pictographs.   AUGUSTA Todd Yellow Cloud   Cotton cloth; Glass beads  1991 
Feather fan.   BELINDO Barry   Feathers; Leather; Beads; Ribbon; Pigment  1999 
Blackfoot chief costume.   BLACKFOOT Anonymous   Mixed media  c. 1850-1950 
Shaman Bull Child's Medicine Bundle and Whistle   BLACKFOOT Anonymous   Leather; fur; feathers on Leather  c. 1800-1900 
Buffalo headdress.   BLACKFOOT Anonymous   Bison horns; Feathers; Hair  c. 1880 

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