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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Cart.   HARAPPAN Anonymous     c. 2500 BC 
Bull Toy with Moving Head.   HARAPPAN Anonymous     c. 2300 BCE-1700 BCE 
Bullock Cart Toy.   MOHENJO-DARO Anonymous   Ceramic  c. 2500 BCE-2000 BCE 
Wheeled ram-headed vessel.   MESOPOTAMIAN Anonymous   Terracotta  c. 2500 BCE-2000 BCE 
Toy chariot.   MESOPOTAMIAN Anonymous   Terracotta  c. 2000 BCE-1000 BCE 
Toy Sheep on Wheels.   ELAMITE Anonymous   Terracotta  c. 1400 BCE-1200 BCE 
Amulets of Game animals.   GERMANIC Anonymous     c. 7000 BCE-5000 BCE 
Boy juggling balls.   EGYPTIAN PTOLEMAIC Anonymous     c. 199 BCE-100 BCE 
Woman on a Swing.   MINOAN Anonymous   Earthenware  1200 BCE-600 BCE 
Dolls.   GREEK CLASSICAL Anonymous     c. 499 BCE-400 BCE 
Jointed doll.   GREEK CLASSICAL Anonymous   Ceramics  c. 480 BCE-323 BCE 
Jointed Doll.   MAYAN Anonymous     200-900 
Child with a toy rooster; mold.   GALLO-ROMAN Anonymous   Ceramics  c. 27 BCE-499 CE 
Funerary stele of Plangon.   GREEK HELLENISTIC Anonymous   Marble  c. 310 BCE 
Boy with dog & toys.   GREEK CLASSICAL Anonymous     c. 399 BCE-300 BCE? 
Funeral Stele: Girl with Duck & Servant with Doll.   ATTIC Anonymous     325 BCE-300 BCE 
Votive furniture.   GREEK HELLENISTIC Anonymous     c. 350 BCE-1 BCE 
Horseman toy with wheels.   ROMANO-GERMAN Anonymous   Ceramics  c. 100-400 
Child's Toy.   ROMANO-GERMAN Anonymous   Ceramic  c. 80-300 
Toy Pull Horse.   THRACIAN Anonymous   Earthenware  c. 300-400 
Sundance effigy doll.   CROW Anonymous   Leather & feathers & cloth  c. 1800-1950 
Virgin & Child with Wind Mill.   MASTER OF VIVOIN     1460 
The Dancing Couple. Detail: Child with toy.   STEEN Jan   Oil; Canvas  1663 
Soap Bubbles.   SLINGELAND Pieter Cornelisz. van     c. 1661-1691 
Child Playing with Soap Bubbles. Allegory of Vanity.   LIEVENSZ Jan     c. 1627-1674 

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