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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
L. Finely chipped blade. R. flint arrow heads   PALEOLITHIC Anonymous   Flint  21,000 BCE-17,500 BCE 
Animals and hunters. Detail of giant hunter with bow. Copy.   NEOLITHIC NORTH AFRICAN Anonymous     6000 BCE-3500 BCE 
People of Brazil.Warrior with Bow and Arrows.   ECKHOUT Albert     1637-1644 
Tipos del pais (literally 'types of the country').   AREVALO Bonafacio   Watercolor  1887 
Hunter with bow & arrow. Mississippian Mound builder (1000 BCE-800 CE). Woodland   URELLO Carlyle     c. 1970-1990 
Melanesian weapons.   SOLOMON ISLANDS Anonymous     1776-1779 
Weapons & tools used by Negrito forest dwellers.   NEGRITO Anonymous     c. 1900-1999 
Swords, daggers and a diadem.   PHILIPPINE Anonymous     c. 1750-1899 
Knives.   MANGBETU PEOPLE Anonymous   Metal  c. 1800-1950 
Sword with two stones.   KONGO KINGDOM Anonymous   Metal  c. 1800-1950 
Knife.   ZANDE Anonymous   Metal  c. 1800-1950 
Swords in sheaths.   MORO Anonymous   Metal; Wood  c. 1800-1899 
Shields; spears; bow & arrows of the Zulu; Maasai; Zande; & Ndebele.   AFRICAN Anonymous     c. 1850-1950 
Shield; hand drum; & Gope board.   NEW GUINEA Anonymous   Wood; Pigment  c. 1700-1999 
Shields.   ASMAT Anonymous     c. 1800-1950 
Sword and small cannon.   MONGOLIAN Anonymous   Iron  c. 1200-1300 
Pygmy bows and arrows.   PYGMY Anonymous   Fiber; wood  c. 1800-1913 
L. Portuguese soldier with a Gun R. Gunman from Throne of Sultan Njoya   EDO PEOPLE Anonymous     c. 1800-1899 
Portuguese Soldier with Gun.   EDO PEOPLE Anonymous   Brass  c. 1800-1899 
Beaded gun: costume accessory.   NDEBELE Anonymous   Wool yarn; glass beads  c. 1900-1950 
Portrait of Sultan Bin Said, ivory tusk, Arab elephant gun, & slave collar.   EAST AFRICAN Anonymous   Ivory; Iron; Metals  c. 1850-1873 
Swords and Dagger.   PHILIPPINE Anonymous     c. 1800-1899 
Bow and arrows of Sri Lankan aboriginies.   SRI LANKAN Anonymous   Wood; stone; gut  c. 1850-1950 
Gold weight in the shape of a gun.   AKAN PEOPLES Anonymous   Brass  c. 1800-1998 
Bear Effigy club.   SIOUX NATION Anonymous   Wood; Iron; Pigment  c. 1870 

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