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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Indian & Woman.   PECHSTEIN Max     1910 
Nazi commercial sign for Riebeck.   RIEBECK ADVERTISING     c. 1930-1940 
We The Workers are Awakened. Nazi poster.   NAZI Anonymous     1932 
Nazi street sign.   NAZI Anonymous     c. 1930-1940 
Nazi street sign.   NAZI Anonymous     c. 1930-1940 
Adolph Hitler.   ERLER Fritz     c. 1930 
Volkischer Beobachter. Nazi newspaper.   NAZI Anonymous     1939 
Volkischer Beobachter. Nazi newspaper.   NAZI Anonymous     1937 
Shield Master Reich's Minister Goebbels. Nazi poster.   NAZI Anonymous     1937 
Hitlerjunge Quex. Nazi movie poster.   TRIEB Siegfried Karl     1933 
Health through Braso-Nahr Beer. Nazi poster.   NAZI Anonymous     c. 1930-1935 
Autobahn. Nazi poster.   NAZI Anonymous     1935 
International Automobile Show. Nazi poster.   NAZI Anonymous     1934 
Nazi medals. Medal of Honor: General Galant & Spanish war cross.   NAZI Anonymous     1939 
War in the West. Nazi movie poster.   PEWAS Peter     1941 
With our flag is victory. Nazi poster.   NAZI Anonymous     1944 
Death Notice for Gerhard Opitz.   NAZI Anonymous     1943 
Nurnberg.Guilty! Poster.   FREISE Jurgen     1946 
Not as Strong. A Devil as he is Drawn. (Hitler)   KYCRINISKI     1942 
Look! (Hitler)   KYCRINISKI     1942 
Anti-Semitic books.   NAZI Anonymous     c. 1933-1936 
WWII. German Officers & Nazi flag. 77th D.I. & Artillery Officer.   GERMAN Anonymous     1944 
Nazi Posters: Freedom through the WHW.   GERMAN Anonymous     1937-1938 
Nazi Spirit Shirt. Bernan Bund Model.   GERMAN Anonymous     c. 1938-1944 
Nazi Helmet.   GERMAN Anonymous     1945 

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