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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Nazi Helmet.   GERMAN Anonymous     1945 
Festival Hall of New Rathaus. Nazi Eagle for 3rd Reich.   GERMAN Anonymous   Wood  c. 1940 
WWII. Hitler Invades Poland.   GERMAN Anonymous     1939 
Identity card of Jewish child deported to work camp.   GERMAN Anonymous     c. 1940-1945 
Nazi sign: We must free the German Nation of Poles; Russians; Jews and Gypsies.   GERMAN Anonymous     c. 1940-1945 
Auschwitz.Entrance gate. Detail: Arbeit Macht Frei.   GERMAN Anonymous     c. 1940-1945 
Auschwitz.Double barbed wire fence.   GERMAN Anonymous     c. 1940-1941 
Birkenau.Barracks. Interior.   GERMAN Anonymous     c. 1940-1942 
Birkenau.Extermination camp entrance with train tracks.   GERMAN Anonymous     c. 1940-1942 
Birkenau.Barracks. Exterior.   GERMAN Anonymous     1942 
Auschwitz.Gas chamber.   GERMAN Anonymous     c. 1940-1942 
Nazi sign: Jews are a race that must be totally exterminated.   GERMAN Anonymous     1944 
Gas chamber cannisters from Birkenau.   GERMAN Anonymous     c. 1940-1942 
Wunschkonzert (Request Concert).   GERMAN Anonymous     1940 
Doll house with Nazi & traditional German objects.   GERMAN Anonymous   Wood; Paper; Cloth  1933 
Wall hanging commemorating the Italy-Germany alliance (Rome-Berlin Axis).   GERMAN Anonymous     c. 1936-1939 
Book burning in Bebelplatz, 1933.   GERMAN Anonymous     c. 1980-1983 
Book burning in Bebelplatz, 1933.   GERMAN Anonymous     c. 1980-1983 
Book burning in Bebelplatz, 1933.   GERMAN Anonymous     c. 1980-1983 
Body of murdered Munich businessman Sebastian Nefzger.   GERMAN Anonymous     1933 
Und das ist Adolf Hitler (German Social Democratic Party poster).   GERMAN Anonymous   Ink on paper  1932 
Costumes for Munich Oktoberfest.   GERMAN Anonymous     c. 2007 
Flag of Vaterländischer Verein München Sendling.   GERMAN Anonymous   Wool  c. 1920 
Nazi flag and Automatic Doreza Goditese gun.   GERMAN Anonymous   Metal  c. 1935-1945 
Hotel where Nazi SS officers relaxed in Berchtesgaden.   GERMAN MODERN Anonymous     c. 1930-1940 

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