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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Hoa Lo Prison. Prisoners held in a poisoning plot.   FRENCH COLONIAL Anonymous   Stone; wood  1908 
Heads of Vietnamese soldiers who participated in the Ha Thahn poisoning case.   VIETNAMESE MODERN Anonymous   Silver nitrate  July 1908 
Ho Chi Minh and Mao Tse Tung.   VIETNAMESE Anonymous   Photograph  1960s 
The French send warships to Hai Phong on Nov 23 1946 to provoke the Vietnamese.   FRENCH MODERN Anonymous   Photograph  c. 1946 
Dwight Eisenhower and Vietnamese president Ngo-Dinh-Diem.   AMERICAN MODERN Anonymous   Photograph  1957 
Buddhist Monk Thich Quang Duc immolating himself to protest Diem government.   BROWNE Malcom (Am act 1960s in Vietnam)     1963 
President John Kennedy meets with Dean Rusk and McNamera to plan war strategy.   AMERICAN MODERN Anonymous   Photograph  1961 
American soldiers in Saigon.   AMERICAN MODERN Anonymous   Photograph  1963-1965 
President Lyndon Johnson calls for bombing of North Vietnam after Gulf of Tonkin   AMERICAN MODERN Anonymous   Photograph  1963 
US helicopters providing support for ground troops north of Sai Gon Vietman.   HUET Henri   Photograph  1966 
North Vietnam prisoner stares up at French captors.   PERAUD Jean   Photograph  1952 
Vietnamese mother and chilren framed by the legs of a U soldier from 1st Cavalry   HUET Henri   Photograph  1966 
Vietnamese mother and her children swim across a river to escape US bombing.   SAWADA Kyoichi   Photograph  1966 
South Vietnamese soldier on a Search and Destroy mission in the Mekong Delta.   HUYNH Thanh My   Photograph  1965 
Marine shouldering a rocket launcher across a stream.   BURROWS Larry   Photograph  1966 
A rope keeps a US machine gunner from going under a muddy stream.   HUET Henri   Photograph  1968 
Explosion of Kha Sahn ammunition dump before US Marines.   ELLISON Robert Jackson   Photograph  1968 
Viet Kong captured by American soldiers.   AMERICAN MODERN Anonymous   Photograph  1962-1970 
Viet Kong suspect hung up and questioned by Nung tribe suspects.   FLYNN Sean Leslie   Photograph  1966 
My Lai massacre (Son My Massacre).   AMERICAN MODERN Anonymous   Photograph  March 16, 1968 
Mango forest destroyed by Agent Orange in 1976.   NAKAMURA Goro   Color on Paper  2011 
The twins were born at Sa Thay where agent orange was heavily sprayed.   VIETNAMESE MODERN Anonymous   Photograph  1984 
Little Phan Thi Kim Phuc burned by US napalm bomb.   VIETNAMESE MODERN Anonymous   Photograph  1972 
Anti-war Demonstration.   AMERICAN MODERN Anonymous   Photograph  Early 1970s 
Jane Rose Kasmir holding a flower before row of soldiers.   AMERICAN MODERN Anonymous   Photograph  Oct 21 1967 

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