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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Adoration of the Child by the Virgin.   LOCHNER Stefan   Oil on oak  c. 1442-1451 
Altar of St. Bertin. Birth of St. Bertin.   MARMION Simon   Wood panel  1459 
Altarpiece of the Church Fathers.Saint Ambrose. Detail: Cradle.   PACHER Michael   Wood  c.1483-1484 
Baby Jesus.   GERMAN GOTHIC Anonymous     1470 
Birth of the Virgin. Detail: Women.   CARNEVALE Fra   Oil  c.1467 
Bourges. St. Etienne. Chapel of Jacques Coeur. Annunciation with donors   BEAUNEVEU André   Glass  1451 
Bust of Child.   ITALIAN RENAISSANCE Anonymous   Ceramic  1475-1499 
Children's Games. Ivory leaf from a Sundail.   GERMAN GOTHIC Anonymous   Ivory  c. 1500 
Church of Gallipienzo.Virgin & Swaddled Child.   MASTER OF GALLIPIENZO     c. 1480-1500 
Columba Altarpiece. Right panel: Presentation in the Temple. Detail.   WEYDEN Rogier van der   Oil on oak  c. 1455 
Desco da parto (childbirth tray). Reverse: Nude kneeling boy playing with a dog.   MASACCIO     c. 1420-1428 
Devonshire Hunting Tapestries. Detail of Swans attacking Child.   NETHERLANDISH Anonymous     1430-1439 
Laughing Boy.   DESIDERIO DA SETTIGNANO   Marble  c. 1464 
Madonna & Child with Angels.   MEMLING Hans   Oil on Panel  c.1485 
Madonna & Child with Saints Michael & Catherine. Center panel. Detail: Virgin &   VAN EYCK Jan     c. 1437 
Madonna & Child.   VERROCCHIO Andrea del   Terracotta  1470's 
Madonna & Child.   GHIBERTI Lorenzo   Pigment & gilt on wood on wood  c. 1400-1455 
Madonna & Child.   MEMLING Hans     1485-1490 
Madonna & Child.   WEYDEN Rogier van der     c. 1440-1460 
Madonna & Child.   BOUTS Dieric   Oil on Panel  c. 1460 
Nativity. Detail: Baby.   CAMPIN Robert     c. 1425 
Nativity. Detail: Madonna & Child.Annunciation & Nativity w/Last Judgment.   CHRISTUS Petrus   Oil on Panel  c. 1452 
Old Man & Young Boy.   GHIRLANDAIO Benetto     c. 1490 
Putto posed on a globe.   VERROCCHIO Andrea del   Terracotta  1480 
Putto with figs & grapes.   FLORENTINE RENAISSANCE Anonymous   Painted terracotta  c. 1465-1499 

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