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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
A Lady in Her Bath. Detail.   CLOUET François   Oil; Panel  c. 1571 
Adoration of the Child by the Virgin.   LOCHNER Stefan   Oil on oak  c. 1442-1451 
Adoration of the Cross.   BELLEGAMBE Jean     1480-1520 
African Youth.   ROMAN Anonymous   Bronze  c. 1-299 
Akhenaten, Nefertiti, & three daughters.   EGYPTIAN AMARNA PERIOD Anonymous   Limestone  c. 1340 BCE 
Altar of St. Bertin. Birth of St. Bertin.   MARMION Simon   Wood panel  1459 
Altarpiece of the Church Fathers.Saint Ambrose. Detail: Cradle.   PACHER Michael   Wood  c.1483-1484 
Apse. Virgin & Child with wise men & Saints.   ITALIAN ROMANESQUE Anonymous     c. 1100-1199 
Aristotle.   ROMAN COPYIST Anonymous     c. 100-410 
Askos. Baby bottle with face.   CARTHAGINIAN Anonymous   Terracotta  c. 399 BCE-200 BCE 
Attic grave stele.Child.   GREEK CLASSICAL Anonymous   Stone  c. 400 BCE -375 BCE 
Attis as a child.   ROMAN IMPERIAL Anonymous   Marble  1-99 
Baby bottle in the shape of a dog.   CARTHAGINIAN Anonymous     c.300 BCE-64 BCE 
Baby bottle.   CARTHAGINIAN Anonymous   Terracotta  c. 599 BCE-200 BCE 
Baby Jesus.   GERMAN GOTHIC Anonymous     1470 
Baby.   GALLO-ROMAN Anonymous     c. 1-400 
Bad Boy.   EGYPTIAN NEW KINGDOM Anonymous     c. 1185 BCE 
Beggar Boys Playing Dice.   MURILLO Bartolome Esteban   Oil on canvas  c. 1675 
Birth of the Virgin. Detail: Women.   CARNEVALE Fra   Oil  c.1467 
Black Youth.   GALLO-ROMAN Anonymous   Bronze  c. 27 BCE-499 CE 
Bourges. St. Etienne. West facade.Frieze detail. Noah's children & grandchildre   FRENCH HIGH GOTHIC Anonymous   Stone  1225-1260 
Bourges. St. Etienne. Apse window. New Alliance: Detail: Woman & child   FRENCH HIGH GOTHIC Anonymous   Glass  1215-1225 
Bourges. St. Etienne. Chapel of Jacques Coeur. Annunciation with donors   BEAUNEVEU André   Glass  1451 
Boxing Children.   CYCLADIC (LATE ) Anonymous   Painted plaster  c. 1650 BCE 
Boy Fishing.   AMBROSIOS PAINTER   Ceramic  c. 510 BCE-500 BCE 

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