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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Staff used in girl's initiation ceremony. Detail of girl & woman.   TANZANIAN Anonymous     c. 1800-1920 
Mother & child.   IGBO PEOPLE Anonymous   Terracotta with kaolin  c. 1850-1950 
Mother & Child.   BAULE PEOPLE Anonymous   Wood  c. 1850-1950 
Female ancestral figure with child   DOGON Anonymous   Wood on Wood.  1800-1999 
Ibedji Twins in CoweryClothing.   YORUBA Anonymous     c. 1800-1920 
Benin Child.   EDO PEOPLE Anonymous   Copper alloy  c. 1600-1699 
Negro boy with fortress crown.   COCK Jan Claudius de     c. 1690-1736 
Plaque with Royal Family.   SHUNGA DYNASTY Anonymous   terracotta  99 BCE-1BCE 
Yashoda and Krishna.   CHOLA DYNASTY Anonymous   copper  c. 1100-1125 
Woman with Child.   HINDU DYNASTIES Anonymous     c. 900-999 
Golden Boy (Chin T'ung Tze an acolyte of Kuan Yin).   YUAN DYNASTY Anonymous   wood  1279 - 1368 
Dutch girl & European lady.   QING DYNASTY Anonymous   Porcelain  1736-1795. 
Kichijoten (Srimahadevi). Goddess of Fortune.   MUROMACHI Anonymous   wood  c. 1500 
Prince Shotuko Taishi as a child.   KAMAKURA Anonymous     1185-1323 
Messenger boy.   CHOSON (Yi) Anonymous     18 c. 
Jaguar child. Kunx axe.   OLMEC Anonymous   Jadite  c. 900 BCE- 400 CE 
Baby Figure.   OLMEC Anonymous   ceramic  1199 BCE-800 BCE 
Altar. Priest with sacrificial child.   OLMEC Anonymous   Basalt  1200 BCE -900 BCE 
Seated Woman with Child and Seated Man.   COLIMA Anonymous     1-300 
Deforming child's head.   VERACRUZ CLASSIC Anonymous     300-800 
Smiling Figure.   TOTONAC Anonymous   ceramic  300-800 
Village Festival.   NAYARIT Anonymous     c. 200 
Two Story House.   NAYARIT Anonymous     100 BCE-500 CE 
House group.   NAYARIT Anonymous     200 BCE-500 CE 
Figure holding child.   MAORI Anonymous   Wood & shell on Wood & shell  19-20 

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