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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
California Child with Globe.   COHEN Kathleen     1943 
Children Watching Griot Performance.   COHEN Kathleen     1999 
Girl with Pig Tails.   COHEN Kathleen     1999 
Bela Child.   COHEN Kathleen     1999 
Child of Herdsman.   COHEN Kathleen     1999 
Staff used in girl's initiation ceremony. Detail of girl & woman.   TANZANIAN Anonymous     c. 1800-1920 
Mother & child.   IGBO PEOPLE Anonymous   Terracotta with kaolin  c. 1850-1950 
Mother & Child.   BAULE PEOPLE Anonymous   Wood  c. 1850-1950 
Female ancestral figure with child   DOGON Anonymous   Wood on Wood.  1800-1999 
Ibedji Twins in CoweryClothing.   YORUBA Anonymous     c. 1800-1920 
Benin Child.   EDO PEOPLE Anonymous   Copper alloy  c. 1600-1699 
Negro boy with fortress crown.   COCK Jan Claudius de     c. 1690-1736 
Tableau of School Room.   WEST AFRICAN POPULAR Anonymous   Wood; pigment  c. 1900-1950 
Boy on Crutches.   COHEN Kathleen     1999 
Elder of Singo Village Remonstrating with Children.   COHEN Kathleen     1999 
Woman with Child-Winnowing Grain.   COHEN Kathleen     1999 
Three Girls with Burdens on their Heads.   COHEN Kathleen     1999 
African 'Shrimp Girl.'   COHEN Kathleen     1999 
West Indian Dolls.   WEST INDIES Anonymous     c 1800-1850 
Slave Trade Haiti.Toussaint L'Overture.   LAWRENCE Jacob     c. 1986-1997 
True Picture of Mary Sabrina.   ENGLISH Anonymous     c. 1740-1745 
Black Children in Philadelphia Tenament.   AFRICAN-AMERICAN Anonymous     c. 1920-1945 
Li'l Sis.   JOHNSON William H.   Oil  1944 
Children in Amazon river Brazil.   COHEN Kathleen     1975 
Egyptian girls, goats & device for getting water.   COHEN Kathleen     1989 

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