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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Coronation of Mary of Poland after her marriage to the False Dimitri.   RUSSIAN Anonymous     c. 1605 
The coronation of Marina Mniszech during her entry into Moscow with her retinue   RUSSIAN Anonymous     c. 1600-1630 
Marriage of False Dmitry I & Marina Mniszech in Cracow on 22 November 1605.   RUSSIAN Anonymous     c. 1600-1630 
False Dmitry I (r. 1605-1606) in full armor.   POLISH Anonymous     c. 1600-1630 
Marina Mniszech (c.1588-1614) in wedding dress.   POLISH Anonymous     c. 1600-1630 
Medallion of False Dmitry I (r. 1605-1606). Detail: Obverse with portrait.   POLISH Anonymous     1605 
Medallion of False Dmitry I (r. 1605-1606). Detail: Reverse with coat-of-arms.   POLISH Anonymous     1605 
Siege of Smolensk.   POLISH Anonymous   Ink; watercolor  c. 1611-1699 
Russiae vulgo Moscoviae Dictae, Partes Septentrionalis et Orientalis.   MASSA Isaac     1640 
Russiae vulgo Moscoviae Pars Australis.   MASSA Isaac     1640 
Map of Moscow. Detail.   OLEARIUS Adam     1647 
Portrait of a Tzarina.   RUSSIAN Anonymous     c. 1600-1699 
Portrait of a Tzarina.   RUSSIAN Anonymous     c. 1600-1699 
Shrine of boy martyr. Detail.   RUSSIAN BYZANTINE Anonymous   Gold  1643 
Shrine of boy martyr.   RUSSIAN BYZANTINE Anonymous   Gold  1643 
Two Tsars.   RUSSIAN BYZANTINE Anonymous     1677 
Portrait of Tsar Alexis Mikhailovich (1629-1676).   RUSSIAN Anonymous     c. 1645-1676 
Archbishop Nikon (1605-1681).   BEZMIN Ivan     c. 1680-1689 
Portrait of Yakov Turgenev.   TURGENEV Jacob   Canvas  1695 
Bogdan Khmelnitsky (Bohdan Chmielnicki).   HONDIUS Willem     1651 
Peter John Potemkin Ambassador of Muscovy to Great Britain.   RUSSIAN Anonymous     1682 
Ivory model of a house of Peter the Great in Holland.   RUSSIAN Anonymous   Ivory  c. 1675-1699 
Pedro Ivanowitz Potemkin.   CARRENO DE MIRANDA Juan   Oil on Canvas  1681 
Russians on the way to the Estates General.   BEEST Sybrand van   Oil; Varnish on Canvas  c. 1600-1699 

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