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Temple of Hatshepsut. Workers with Leopard.   EGYPTIAN XVIII DYNASTY Anonymous   Gypsum; tempera  c. 1473 BCE-1458 BCE 
Temple of Hatshepsut. Men pulling a large stone.   EGYPTIAN XVIII DYNASTY Anonymous   Gypsum; tempera  c. 1480 BCE 
Metal working.   VIKING Anonymous     960 
Blacksmith's Shop. Black Figure Amphora.   GREEK Anonymous   Earthenware  c. 500 BCE-490 BCE 
Attic grave stele.Shoemaker Xanthippos with his daughters.   GREEK CLASSICAL Anonymous   Stone  c. 430 BCE 
Flour mills.   ROMAN REPUBLICAN Anonymous   Stone  100 BCE-70 CE 
Mill & thrasher for wheat. Reconstruction.   ROMAN PROVINCIAL Anonymous     c 1-199 
Athena supervises the building of the ship Argo for Jason & the Argonauts.   ROMAN IMPERIAL Anonymous   stone  c. 1-300 
Poitiers. Stone worker.   FRENCH ROMANESQUE Anonymous   Stone  11 c 
Vine Workers.   SPANISH ROMANESQUE Anonymous     c. 1175-1199 
Bourges. St. Etienne. Prodigal Son window. Detail: Leather workers wit   FRENCH HIGH GOTHIC Anonymous   Glass  1215-1225 
Striking coins.   FRENCH GOTHIC Anonymous   Wood  1400-1499 
Merode Altarpiece. Right panel. Detail: Joseph.   CAMPIN Robert   Oil on Panel  c.1425-1430 
Shoemaker.   FRENCH GOTHIC Anonymous   Stone  c. 1450-1500 
Giohangius & Tubelcain. Inventors of weighing & blacksmithing.   FLEMISH Anonymous     1500-1525 
Woman at Forge.   FRENCH GOTHIC Anonymous   Vellum  c. 1350-1399 
Miners sending gold up.   GERMAN GOTHIC Anonymous   Glass  c. 1300-1399 
Man with a Hammer. Miner?   ROMAN LATE ANTIQUE Anonymous   Tesserae  400-600 
Landscape with metalworks. Detail.   BLES Herri Met de     1530-1550 
Copper Mine. Detail.   GASSEL Lucas     c. 1530-1570 
Landscape with metalworks.   BLES Herri Met de     1530-1550 
Landscape with metalworks. Detail.   BLES Herri Met de     1530-1550 
Mountain Landscape with Robbery. Detail.   VALCKENBORCH Lucas van     c. 1585 
Fire.   BRUEGHEL Jan the elder     c. 1588-1625 
Uffizi. Makers of Armor.   ITALIAN Anonymous     c. 1550-1650 

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