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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Anthropomorphic Fox.   MOCHE Anonymous   Earthenware  200 BCE-60 CE 
Aztec Rain God (Tloloc)?   AZTEC Anonymous   Earthenware  1372-1525 
Baby holding a ball.   OLMEC Anonymous     1200 BCE-500 BCE 
Basket.   CALIFORNIA INDIANS Anonymous     c. 1900-1940 
Beaded vest from Custer's collection.   SIOUX NATION Anonymous   Leather/beads  c. 1850-1950 
Bear Mask   TLINGIT Anonymous   Wood  c. 1850-1950 
Bearded God.   MOCHE Anonymous   Earthenware  200 BCE-60 CE 
Blanket.   CHILKAT-TLINGIT Anonymous     Before 1900 
Blanket. Detail.   CHILKAT-TLINGIT Anonymous     Before 1900 
Bonampak. Chiapas mural. Copy.   MAYAN Anonymous   Fresco  692 
Bonampak. Chiapas mural. Copy.   MAYAN Anonymous   Fresco  692 
Bottles Showing Men with Upper Lips and Noses Missing.   MOCHE Anonymous     0-1000 
Bound; Seated Captives.   MOCHE Anonymous     0-1000 
Bowl.   MIMBRES Anonymous   Earthenware  1050-1200 
Buffalo hide shield.   GROS VENTRE Anonymous   Leather/feathers/human hair  c. 1860 
Buffalo Robe with War Exploits.   PLAINS INDIAN Anonymous   Buffalo hide; porcupine quills  c. 1850-1900 
Buffalo robe. Exploit.   ARAPAHO Anonymous   Leather/paint  c. 1920 
Buildings on north side of plaza.Monte Alban.   ZAPOTEC Anonymous   Stone  Before 900 
Cannibalistic scene with Native Americans.   BRY Theodor de     c1750 
Ceremonial pot with trophy head.   MISSISSIPPIAN Anonymous   Ceramic  1300-1700 
Ceremonial shield with the cosmos.   AZTEC Anonymous     1400-1521 
Chacmool.   TOLTEC Anonymous     Before 1200 
Chalchiuhtlicue. Goddess of the Water.   TEOTIHUACAN Anonymous (Early Classic c. 1 - 600)   Basalt  Before 300 
Chama Vase of a Shaman Painted Black with Leopard Skin and Priest.   MAYAN Anonymous   Polychrome Earthenware  600-900 
Cheyenne Dog Soldier catching an Army horse.   CHEYENNE Anonymous     c. 1860-1869 

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