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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Tomb of Darius. Entrance.   ACHAEMENID Anonymous     485 BCE 
Gold drachma with Darius. Alexander III of Macedon.   ACHAEMENID Anonymous   Gold  c. 400 BCE-300 BCE 
Darius Enthroned. Copy   ACHAEMENID Anonymous     521 BCE-486 BCE 
Sappho & Alcaeus.   ALMA-TADEMA Lawrence   Oil; Canvas  1881 
Sappho and Alcaeus. Detail: Head and upper torso of Sappho leaning on lecturn wi   ALMA-TADEMA Lawrence   Oil;Canvas  1881 
Tibullus at Delia's House.   ALMA-TADEMA Lawrence   Oil;Wood  1866 
Roman Fisher Maid.   ALMA-TADEMA Lawrence   Oil;Wood  1873 
Spring.   ALMA-TADEMA Lawrence   Oil;Canvas  1894 
Spring. Detail: figures in procession.   ALMA-TADEMA Lawrence   Oil;Canvas  1894 
Spring. Detail: Girls with flower baskets and flautist.   ALMA-TADEMA Lawrence   Oil;Canvas  1894 
A Roman Art Lover   ALMA-TADEMA Lawrence   Oil;Canvas  1868 
A Reading from Homer.   ALMA-TADEMA Lawrence   Oil;Canvas  1885 
Philopoemen Leads Greeks Against Romans.   ANGERS David d'   Marble  1830 
Antonius Pius (86-161).   ANTONINE Anonymous     c. 138-161 
Lucius Verus.   ANTONINE Anonymous     150-175 
Lucius Verus.   ANTONINE Anonymous     150-175 
Marcus Aurelius (121-180)   ANTONINE Anonymous     c. 161-180 
ommodus (161-192)   ANTONINE Anonymous     c.180 
Soldiers of Antonius Puis. Standard bearers.Column base of Antonious Pius.   ANTONINE Anonymous     161 
Marcus Aurelius (161-180).   ANTONINE Anonymous     161-180 
Commodius with attributes of Hercules (161-192)   ANTONINE Anonymous     c. 190 
Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius (161-180).   ANTONINE Anonymous   Gilded Bronze  164-166 
Equestrian Portrait of Marcus Aurelius (161-180).   ANTONINE Anonymous   Bronze  161-180 
Marcus Aurelius.   ANTONINE Anonymous     c. 100-199 
Marcus Aurelius (161-180).   ANTONINE Anonymous   Marble  161-180 

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