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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Amilcar Cabral memorial fabric.   AFRICAN Anonymous     c. 1980-1995 
Logo of Algerian revolutionary group.   ALGERIAN MODERN Anonymous     2007 
Commemoration of 1954 Revolt.   ALGERIAN MODERN Anonymous     c. 2004 
Three early heros of the Algerian revolution.   ALGERIAN MODERN Anonymous     c. 1919-1950 
Five chiefs of the resistence: O'uled sidi chekh.   ALGERIAN MODERN Anonymous     c. 1960-2000 
Mock-up of electric fence erected by the French in 1955.   ALGERIAN MODERN Anonymous     c. 1960 
Photograph of Algerian President Bouteflika.   ALGERIAN MODERN Anonymous     2007 
Santuario. Detail.   ALICIA Juana   Pigment on wall  1999 
Ground Zero Shrine. Detail: Courage.   AMERICAN Anonymous     2001 
These Colors Don't Run.   AMERICAN Anonymous     2001 
Clinton Inaugaration Buttons.   AMERICAN Anonymous     1992 
Punching Puppets: Anwar Qaddfi & President Reagan.   AMERICAN Anonymous     c. 1980-1989 
Bloated Federal Government Figure from Ronald Reagan Campaign.   AMERICAN Anonymous     1980 
Ronald Reagan Chest X-ray.   AMERICAN Anonymous     1981 
United States Presidential Seal.   AMERICAN Anonymous     c, 1900-1950 
Ronald Reagan Campaign Buttons.   AMERICAN Anonymous     1980 
Nixon to China. Time Magazine Covers.   AMERICAN Anonymous     1973 
Richard Nixon 37th President. Time Magazine Covers.   AMERICAN Anonymous     1969-1974 
Richard Nixon (1913-1994) campaign buttons.   AMERICAN Anonymous     1968 
Nixon & Agnew Campaign Buttons.   AMERICAN Anonymous     1968 
KKK Headdress.   AMERICAN Anonymous   Fabric; fur  c. 1870-1879 
Jacket owned by Cesar Chavez (1927-1993).   AMERICAN Anonymous     c. 1980-1993 
McKinley presidential campaign memorabilia. Women's McKinley Club 1896.   AMERICAN Anonymous     c. 1896 
Delegate's hat from 1992 Republican National Convention in Houston.   AMERICAN Anonymous     1992 
New Mexican delegate's hat from 1988 Democratic National Convention in Atlanta.   AMERICAN Anonymous     1988 

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