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Cover thumbnail for CA 10.7 Rise of Totalitarian Governments CA 10.7 Rise of Totalitarian Governments

hernas Notes: Students analyze the rise of totalitarian governments after World War I including analysis of the rise, agression, and human costs of totalitarian regimes (Fascit and Communist) in Germany, Italy, and the Soviet Union.

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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Adolph Hitler.   ERLER Fritz     c. 1930 
Hitlerjunge Quex. Nazi movie poster.   TRIEB Siegfried Karl     1933 
Build the Five Year Plan. Communist Poster.   GERMAN Anonymous     1952 
We The Workers are Awakened. Nazi poster.   NAZI Anonymous     1932 
Anti-Semitic books.   NAZI Anonymous     c. 1933-1936 
Nazi sign: Jews are a race that must be totally exterminated.   GERMAN Anonymous     1944 
Nazi sign: We must free the German Nation of Poles; Russians; Jews and Gypsies.   GERMAN Anonymous     c. 1940-1945 
WWII. Hitler Invades Poland.   GERMAN Anonymous     1939 
Anti-American Poster.   COMMUNIST Anonymous     c. 1950 
Fascist Shooting Girl.   KOMAR & MELAMID     1972 
Look! (Hitler)   KYCRINISKI     1942 
Not as Strong. A Devil as he is Drawn. (Hitler)   KYCRINISKI     1942 
Hitler as a Punch figure.   DANISH Anonymous   Fabric  c 1938-1940 
Two Paths. Communist Poster.   BURNICK E.     1953 
Anti-Papal Poster.   COMMUNIST Anonymous     c. 1945-1970 
Youthful members of the Balillas (Junior Fascisti).   ITALIAN Anonymous   Gelatin silver print  c. 1926-1937 
Mussolini Mementos Window; Messina.   FASCIST Anonymous     c. 1930-1945 
Fascist sculpture. Peasant with child.   ITALIAN Anonymous     c. 1930 
Monument to Spanish Civil War. Allegorical figure.   SPANISH FASCIST Anonymous   Stone  c. 1936-1939 
Lenin.   SEROV Vladimir Aleksandrovic     1962 
Monument to V.I. Lenin.   SOVIET Anonymous     1927 
Bust of V.I. Lenin.   SOVIET Anonymous     1965 
Stalin - That's Freedom.   SOVIET Anonymous     1952 
Worker and Collective Farm Girl.   MUKHINA, Vera Ignat'evna     c. 1937 
Communist Medals.   RUSSIAN Anonymous     c.1940-1989 

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