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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Amphora-krater. Detail: Chariot & horseman.   MYCENAEAN Anonymous   Earthenware  1300 BCE -1250 BCE 
Nessos amphora. Detail. Struggle of Herakles & centaur Nessos.   GREEK ORIENTALIZING Anonymous     c. 625 BCE-600 BCE 
Pyxis lid with three horses.   BEOTIAN GEOMETRIC Anonymous   Terracotta  c. 760 BCE-750 BCE 
Attic Pyxis with four horses.   GREEK GEOMETRIC Anonymous   Bronze; Earthenware  c. 750 BCE 
Dipylon cemetery.Attic dipylon sepulchral vase. Detail. Three-horse chariot & wa   GREEK GEOMETRIC Anonymous     c. 750 BCE-700 BCE 
Francois Vase. Funeral Games: Hunt and horse race.   KLEITIAS & ERGOTIMOS   Terracotta  c. 570 BCE 
Hydria. Achilles Waiting to Ambush Troilus. Detail of Horses.   PAINTER OF LONDON B76   Earthenware; glaze  560 BCE-550 BCE 
Neck amphora. Odysseus & Rhesos. Detail: Stealing Thracian horses.   INSCRIPTION PAINTER   Terracotta  c. 540 BCE 
Amphora. Wedding chariot & horses.   EXEKIAS   Terracotta  c. 540 BCE 
Kylix. Groom with a horse.   ONESIMOS   Terracotta  c. 500 BCE-400 BCE 
Attic oinochoe. Amazon setting out with horse.   MANNHEIM PAINTER     c. 440 BCE 
Vase with horse & pick.   CELTIC Anonymous   Paint on earthenware  250 BCE -50 BCE 
Pillow with Bayon Hobby Horse-slip decoration.   SONG-CHIN Anonymous     1100-1299 
Plate with soldiers on horseback.   QING DYNASTY Anonymous   Porcelain  c. 1700-1800 
Knight beside tree. Bowl.   SELJUK Anonymous   Polychrome enamel  1150-1220 
Horse & cheetah. Bowl.   SAMANID Anonymous   Earthenware  864-999 
Catherine the Great of Russia on Horseback.   KÄNDLER Johann Joachim   Porcelain  1770 
Red-figure volute krater. Battle of Greeks & Amazons.   SISYPHOS PAINTER     c. 410 BCE-400 BCE 
Haniwa horse.   KOFUN Anonymous   Terracotta  c. 400-552 
Haniwa horse. Detail: Head with hollow eyes.   KOFUN Anonymous   Terracotta  c. 400-552 
Charger with William III.   ENGLISH BAROQUE Anonymous   Tin-glazed earthenware with metallic oxides  c. 1700 
Column krater. Meeting of spearbearers & warriors on horseback.   HIPPOLYTOS PAINTER     c. 570 BCE-560 BCE 
Dish with riderless horse & floral motifs.   OTTOMAN Anonymous   Stonepaste  c. 1600-1625 
Pelike. Oriental horseman & woman between youths.   PAINTER OF MUNICH 2365   Earthenware  c. 400 BCE-300 BCE 
Princess Elizabeth in the uniform of Colonel-in-Chief of the Grenadier Guards.   WORCESTER ROYAL PORCELAIN CO.   Bone china  1948 

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