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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Human Races. Fishing.   CORMAN   Oil; Canvas  1897 
Bone fish hooks   PALEOLITHIC Anonymous   Bone  25000 BCE -15000 BCE 
Fish hooks and weights.   NEOLITHIC Anonymous   Stone  c. 5500 BCE-2200 BCE 
Fish hook made from deer toe bone.   PALEO-INDIAN Anonymous   Deer bone  2000 BCE-1000 BCE 
Shark Hook and Line.   HAWAIIAN Anonymous   Bone; cord  c. 1770-1778 
Fish hooks.   EGYPTIAN Anonymous   Bronze  c. 2900 BCE-1200 BCE 
Fishnet. Reconstructed.   NEOLITHIC Anonymous   Cord; stone  c. 5000 BCE-3000 BCE 
Wooden Fish Trap.   GERMANIC Anonymous     c. 7000 BCE 
Cradle & Fish Trap.   MAIDU Anonymous     c. 1900-1940 
Applique based on fish label.   PANAMANIAN Anonymous   Fabric  c 1900-1950 
Vessel with Fisherman and Net.   NAZCA Anonymous   Earthenware  200-600 
Fisherman on Reed Boat (Caballito) of type still used.   CHIMU Anonymous   Reeds  1000-1400 
Fisherman in Caballito Boat Made of Totora Reeds like those used by the Moche.   COHEN Kathleen   Reeds  1997 
Boat with fishermen from New Ireland.   TASMAN Abel     1643 
Bark canoe spears & fish traps.   KWERE Anonymous     c. 1850-1999 
The Fisherman of Saga.   HIDALGO Felix Resurreccion     1875 
Traditional Fishing Village.   TANZANIAN Anonymous   Pigment on canvas  c. 1900-1999 
Guadalajara Market II.Peasants and fisherman. Detail.   BAY AREA Anonymous     c. 1960-1990 
Kamares Ware Jar with Fish Decoration. Detail.   MINOAN Anonymous   Earthenware  1800 BCE-1700 BCE 
West House. Room 5.Young Fisherman & Priestess.   CYCLADIC (LATE ) Anonymous   Painted plaster  c. 1650 BCE 
Tomb of Menna. Fishing Scene.   EGYPTIAN NEW KINGDOM Anonymous     c. 1450 BCE 
Tomb of Menna. Fishing Scene.   EGYPTIAN NEW KINGDOM Anonymous     c. 1450 BCE 
Tomb of Nyankhnesut. Detail: Flat fish.   EGYPTIAN EARLY DYNASTIC PERIOD Anonymous   Limestone with paint  c. 2350 BCE-2338 BCE 
Oinochoe. Bringing a tuna fish to market.   GREEK BLACK-FIGURE Anonymous     c. 510 BCE-500 BCE 
Boy Fishing.   AMBROSIOS PAINTER   Ceramic  c. 510 BCE-500 BCE 

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