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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Zhangyue Maio Temple.Stele: original and copy.   ZHOU Anonymous     300 BCE 
Pictograph stele.   ZHOU Anonymous     c. 1000 BCE 
Tablet & envelope.   SUMERIAN Anonymous   Terracotta  2900 BCE-2600 BCE 
Seated Gudea. Detail of inscription.   NEO-SUMERIAN Anonymous     c. 2144 BCE-2124 BCE 
Gudea of Lagash dedicated to God Ningishzeda.   NEO-SUMERIAN Anonymous   Diorite  c. 2120 BCE 
Tablet with school text.   NEO-SUMERIAN Anonymous     c. 1800 BCE 
Akkadian cylinder seal.   AKKADIAN Anonymous   Stone  c. 2100 BCE 
Multiplication tables board in setagesimal system (60s).   BABYLONIAN Anonymous   Earthenware  1900 BCE-1600 BCE 
Relief for priests to learn augury from livers.   BABYLONIAN Anonymous   Stone  1300 BCE-1100 BCE 
Boundary stone.   BABYLONIAN Anonymous   Stone  c. 990 BCE 
Stele of Hammurabi.   BABYLONIAN Anonymous   Basalt  c. 1780 BCE 
Orthostate with Inscription of Prince Kilamuwa.   NEO-HITTITE Anonymous   Stone  c. 799 BCE-700 BCE 
Tablet of Shamash.   NEO-BABYLONIAN Anonymous   Stone  c. 860 BCE-850 BCE 
Marker of King Kudurru of Nazumaruttash.   BABYLONIAN Anonymous   Stone  1328 BCE-1298 BCE 
Boundary stone.   BABYLONIAN Anonymous   Stone  c. 1140 BCE 
Royal Scribe Hesire from Tomb of Hesire.   EGYPTIAN OLD KINGDOM Anonymous   wood  c. 2750 BCE 
Seated Scribe (before restoration).   EGYPTIAN OLD KINGDOM Anonymous   Limestone; Rock crystal; Magnesite (magnesium carbonate); Copper-arsenic alloy;  c. 2600 BCE-2350 BCE 
Hieroglyphics with a duck.   EGYPTIAN MIDDLE KINGDOM Anonymous   Stone; pigment  c. 1400 BCE-1200 BCE 
Byblos. Pharaoh Osorkon I with Phoenician inscription of Eliba'al king of Byblos.   EGYPTO-PHOENICIAN Anonymous   Pink quartzite  c. 925 BCE-875 BCE 
Seated Male Figure. Scribe?   GREEK ARCHAIC Anonymous   Marble  c. 530 BCE 
Seated Scribes.   GREEK ARCHAIC Anonymous   Marble  c. 520 BCE-500 BCE 
Greek poet. Roman copy.   GREEK CLASSICAL Anonymous     c. 450 BCE-400 BCE 
Funerary slab inscribed: 'Looking on this Fleshless Corpse Can you say Passer-by   GREEK Anonymous   Limestone  c. 100-199 
Stele with youth; boy and herm.   THRACIAN Anonymous   Stone  c. 500 BCE-400 BCE 
Funerary Stele of Valerius Valens with Roman Wolf.   ROMAN PROVINCIAL Anonymous   Stone  c. 200-400 

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