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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Goddess with Upraised Arms. Detail of Head with Poppy Flower Pods.   MINOAN Anonymous   Earthenware  1300 BCE-1100 BCE 
Palace of Zimiri Lim. Goddess smelling a flower.   AMORITE Anonymous   Gypsum  c. 2000 BCE-1760 BCE 
Harpocrates on a lotus with human headed urei.   EGYPTIAN LATE PERIOD Anonymous   Stone  c. 664 BCE-332 BCE 
Funerary stele.Exultation of the Flower.   GREEK CLASSICAL Anonymous   Stone  c. 470 BCE -460 BCE 
The Exaltation of the Flower.   GREEK CLASSICAL Anonymous   Marble  c. 470 BCE-460 BCE 
Female sacrifice eating flower with pharmaceutical properties.   PRE-COLUMBIAN Anonymous   Earthenware  c. 200 BCE-600 
Tombstone of Roman Couple. Detail: vase and ivy leaves.   ROMAN PROVINCIAL Anonymous   Stone  c. 50-300 
Figure with flowers.   KUSHAN DYNASTY Anonymous   Stucco  100-700 
Carved flower altar.   ANURADHAPURA Anonymous   Stone  c. 300-701 
Vessel with flowers.   ANURADHAPURA Anonymous   Stone  c. 1000-1300 
Flower Prince (warrior).   AZTEC Anonymous   Stone  1400-1499 
Hindu shrine. Yoni.   HINDU DYNASTIES Anonymous     c. 1600-1700 
Tomb of Carolus Linnaeus (1707-1778).   SWEDISH Anonymous     1778 
Bang Pa-in (Summer Palace). Elephants plants.   THAI Anonymous     17-19 c 
Mont Benoit abbey. Bread& wheat & grapes & flowers for Easter.   FRENCH Anonymous   Mixed media  20 c 
Flowered Dog in front of Guggenheim Museum.   KOONS Jeff   Flowers  1999 
Le Tournesol (The Sunflower).   LEGER Fernand     1952 

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