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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Stele of Serpent King.   EGYPTIAN PREDYNASTIC Anonymous   Stone  c. 3000 BCE 
Zoser Funerary Complex.Temple of Zoser. Wall of the Serpents.   IMHOTEP     c. 2650 BCE 
Bourges. St. Etienne. Apse window. New Alliance: Detail: Moses and the brazen se   FRENCH HIGH GOTHIC Anonymous   Glass  1215-1225 
Tripod of the Pithia with serpent.   GREEK CLASSICAL Anonymous     c. 400 BCE-350 BCE 
Verona. San Zeno. Bronze door. Sacrifice of Isaac & brazen serpent.   ITALIAN ROMANESQUE Anonymous   Bronze  1000-1200 
Altar to water divinities and serpents.   NEO-SUMERIAN Anonymous     c. 1400 BCE-1300 BCE 
Chancel of St.Pierre aux-Nonnais. Serpent.   MEROVINGIAN Anonymous   Stone  742-766 
Cross. Detail. Moses & serpent.   MASTER HUGO   Ivory  1148-1156 
Mithraic figure of Saturn. Serpent & signs of Zodiac.   ROMAN IMPERIAL Anonymous   Stone  100-300 
Cernunus with putti & serpents.   GALLO-ROMAN Anonymous   Stone  1-300 
Feathered serpent. Copy.   TEOTIHUACAN Anonymous (Early Classic c. 1 - 600)     c. 1-300 
Feathered serpent. Copy.   TEOTIHUACAN Anonymous (Early Classic c. 1 - 600)     c. 1-300 
Double-headed serpent.   AZTEC-MIXTEC Anonymous   Turquoise  1400-1521 
Teotihuacán. Temple of Quetzalcoatl.Tlolàc mask with big teeth & water serpent.   TEOTIHUACAN Anonymous (Early Classic c. 1 - 600)   Stone  c. 200-299 
Vaults. God Tlolàc & serpent teeth. Teotihuacán.   TEOTIHUACAN Anonymous (Early Classic c. 1 - 600)   Stone  Before 200 
Tula. Coatepantli (serpent wall).   TOLTEC Anonymous     Before 1200 
Polychrome bowl with mythic bird & two stylized feathered serpents.   MAYAN Anonymous   Ceramic & polychrome  700-900 
Temple of the Feathered Serpent.Conceptual reproduction.   TEOTIHUACAN Anonymous (Early Classic c. 1 - 600)   Paint  150 
Chichen Itza. Feathered Serpent stairway. Temple of the Eagle.   MAYAN Anonymous   Limestone  900 
Stair with serpent head.Chichen Itza. Caracol.   MAYAN Anonymous   Limestone  889 
Uxmal. Nunnery Quadrangle. Umbilicus serpents.   MAYAN Anonymous   Stone  9 c 
Uxmal. Nunnery Quadrangle. West side frieze. Detail: Itzam Yeh & Umbilicus serpe   MAYAN Anonymous   Stone  800 
Uxmal. Nunnery Quadrangle. Wits masks with serpent tail headbands & stone eyebro   MAYAN Anonymous   Stone  800 
Sayil. Restored Structure 2B 1. South face of west half. Diving God flanked by s   MAYAN Anonymous   Limestone & stucco  800 
Tiger & Serpent.   DELACROIX Eugène     c. 1825-1850 

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