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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Harriet Bible Quilt. 'Falling of Stars. Nov.13 1833' &'Kate Bell & Bob Johnson.'   POWERS Harriet   Cotton  1895-1898 
Sacrifice to Demeter & Kore   GREEK CLASSICAL Anonymous   Marble  450 BCE-300 BCE 
Champ de Mars.Relief. Double sacrifice to Mars.   JULIO-CLAUDIAN Anonymous     c 48-60 
Man with pigskin on his head .   ROMAN IMPERIAL Anonymous   Stone  1-200 
Figure & a pig.   HUASTEC Anonymous   Earthenware  900-1100 
Circe. Detail.   BURROUGHS Edith Woodman     1907 
The Follies of Love.   GAUGUIN Paul     1890 
Graph of Pig Production.   KOMAR & MELAMID     1972-1974 
Pig weathervane.   AMERICAN FOLK Anonymous     c. 1800-1850 
Carousel Pig.   DENTZEL CAROUSEL COMPANY   Wood  1903-1909 
Winter Landscape. Peasants with Pigs. Detail.   MOMPER Joos de   oil on canvas  c. 1584-1635 
Butchered Pig.   FABRITIUS Barent     c. 1650-1673 
Pig sty and latrines model.   HAN DYNASTY Anonymous   Terracotta  1st c BCE-80 CE 
Guinea Pig.   CHIMU Anonymous   Earthenware  1100-1470 
Slaughtering a goat & cooking a pig.   ROMAN Anonymous     c. 100-299 
Pig or Bear Figurine and Head.   CHALCOLITHIC Anonymous   Earthenware  6000 BCE-4000 BCE 
Window of Candy Store with Pig.   SWEDISH Anonymous   Candy  2002 
Askos in the shape of a pig.   GREEK HELLENISTIC Anonymous     c. 325 BCE-275 BCE 

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