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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Sarcophagus with double axe & horn motifs.   MINOAN Anonymous     c. 1600 BCE-1500 BCE 
Sarcophagus with bull sacrifice.   MINOAN Anonymous   Stone  1625 BCE-1400 BCE 
Ossuary from Mount of Olives. Jerusalem.   JUDAIC Anonymous     c. 100 BCE-100 CE 
Sarcophagus of Ramses III. Goddess Isis.   EGYPTIAN XIX DYNASTY Anonymous     c. 1198 BCE 
Temple of Amen-Re at Karnak.Linen contonnage of Nekhte. Shrine door-opener.   EGYPTIAN NEW KINGDOM Anonymous     Early 9 c BCE 
Cinerary urn with winged horse & female figure.   ETRUSCAN Anonymous   Stone  400 BCE-350 BCE 
Ash Urn with woman & Medusa head & griffins.   ETRUSCAN Anonymous     c. 400 BCE-100 BCE 
Sarcophagus of Lady Tenthapi. Cover with goddess Nut.   EGYPTIAN Anonymous   Basalt  663 BCE-525 BCE 
Alexander sarcophagus.Battle of the Greeks & the Persians.   GREEK HELLENISTIC Anonymous   Marble  c. 325 BCE-300 BCE 
Sarcophagus. Detail. Pleading to the fates.   ROMAN IMPERIAL Anonymous     2 c 
Sarcophagus. Detail. Bacchic procession.   ROMAN IMPERIAL Anonymous     100-300 
Tomb of Osman. Interior.   OTTOMAN Anonymous     15 c 
Tomb of Battista Bogaroto.   FUSINA Andrea     1519 
Three Marys at the Tomb.   VAN EYCK Jan     c. 1440 
Burial pot with hands & thighbones.   MISSISSIPPIAN Anonymous     1300-1700 
Jewish tomb from Kfar Tamra near Shefar'am.   JUDAIC Anonymous     400-600 
Funerary urn. King of the Tapir Hunters.   ZAPOTEC Anonymous   Terracotta  1000-1500 
Sarcophagus.   MINOAN Anonymous   Earthenware  2800 BCE-2000 BCE 
Funerary urn with Cocijo (God of Rain & Lightning.   ZAPOTEC Anonymous   Terracotta  200-800 
Funerary banquet.   ROMAN Anonymous     c. 100-199 
Funerary banquet.   GREEK HELLENISTIC Anonymous     c. 100 BCE-90 BCE 
Funerary relief.   ROMAN Anonymous   Marble  c.100 BCE-199 CE 
Funeral cortege.   ROMAN Anonymous     c. 25 BCE-1 BCE 
Funeral cortege. Detail.   ROMAN Anonymous     c. 25 BCE-1 BCE 
Sarcophagus with death scene & journey to the underworld.   ROMAN Anonymous     c. 100-299 

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