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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Alexander Spotswood Payne & John Robert Danbridge Payne & their nurse.   PAYNE LIMNER     1790-1800 
Abolition of Slavery in Denmark. March 16 1792.   DANISH Anonymous   Silver  1792 
Life near Frederickburg VA.Overseer doing his duty.   LATROBE Benjamin Henry     1798 
First News of the Battle of Lexington.   RANNEY William Tylee   Oil on Canvas  1847 
Negress.   WOOD Thomas Waterman     1858 
Freedman.   WARD Herbert   Bronze  1863 
Old Virginia Home.   BLYTHE David Gilmour     1864 
Pourquoi Naitre Esclave.   CARPEAUX Jean-Baptiste   Marble  1869 
Down South.   SUCH B.J.     1875 
Cotton Pickers.   HOMER Winslow   Oil  1876 
Slavery.   ETCHETO Frances   Plaster  1880 
Slave Merchant.   DEVEDEUX Louis     19 c 
Underground Railroad.   JOHNSON William H.   Oil  1945 
Political mural. Sojourner Truth.   AMERICAN Anonymous     1988 
Sleeping slave child with a lamp.   ROMAN Anonymous     c. 1-199 
Angkor Wat. Souls taken to Hell with slave collars; nose rings and chains.   KHMER (ANGKOREAN) Anonymous     c. 1100-1199 
Table supported by blacks.   BAROQUE Anonymous     c. 1650-1699 
French Rum Bottle with Black Man.   FRENCH Anonymous   Glass  c. 1700-1799 
Slave Bracelets.   FRENCH Anonymous   Iron  c. 1700-1799 
Ivory Horn with Slave Trade Triangle. Slave ship and Woman serving a Planter in   WEST INDIES Anonymous     c. 1770-1799 
Ivory Horn with Slave Trade Triangle.   WEST INDIES Anonymous     c. 1770-1799 
Mouth Clamp used to Force-feed Slaves.   WEST INDIES Anonymous     c. 1770-1799 
North African slave chain w/diagram of slave ship.   AMERICAN Anonymous     c. 1800- 1860 
Slave Cabin Interior.   AFRICAN-AMERICAN Anonymous   Wood; metal  c. 1800-1865 
Negro Woman at Wash Tub.   AFRICAN-AMERICAN Anonymous     c. 1800-1865 

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