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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Allies Day May 1917.   HASSAM Childe (aka Frederick Childe Hassam)   Oil; Canvas  1917 
Armistice Celebration.   SEGUIN-BERTAULT Paul     1918 
Flag of U.S. Colored Infantry in Louisiana.   AFRICAN-AMERICAN Anonymous     c. 1863-1865 
Ground Zero Shrine. Detail: Courage.   AMERICAN Anonymous     2001 
Ground Zero Shrine. Detail: God Bless America.   AMERICAN Anonymous     2001 
La Martine Carrying the Red Flag in 1848.   PHILIPPOTEAUX Felix Henri Emanuel   Oil on Canvas  c. 1848 
Last Russian Flag to fly over Berlin.   COMMUNIST Anonymous     c. 1945-1950 
Le Baiser de la Gloire (Kiss of Glory).   RIVOIRE Ray     c. 1900 
Life of Washington. Revolutionary War.   ARNAUTOFF Victor     c. 1935-1955 
New York City Stock Exchange with American Flag.   AMERICAN Anonymous     After September 11 2001 
Nixon after Watergate.   AMERICAN JOURNALIST Anonymous     1974 
Our Banner - The Sky.   CHURCH Frederic Edwin     1861 
Paris; Rue de Parme on Bastille Day.   BONNARD Pierre   Oil; Canvas  1890 
President James Knox Polk.   COMEGYS George H.     1844 
These Colors Don't Run.   AMERICAN Anonymous     2001 
This Time to Berlin. Allied Powers poster.   FRENCH Anonymous     1944 
U.S. Revolutionary War. Flag of African Americans presented by John Hancock.   AFRICAN-AMERICAN Anonymous     c. 1776-1780 
Whirligig Entitled America.   MANKUS Frank   Wood; Metal  c. 1838-1842 
Whirligig Entitled America. Detail.   MANKUS Frank   Wood; Metal  c. 1838-1842 
WWI War Monument.   FRENCH Anonymous     c. 1918-1925 
WWII. 'La France eternelle: ses amis; ses allies.' French Poster.   FRENCH Anonymous     1944 
WWII. American Army Officers. August 1944. X V. Corps & 3rd Arrmy.   AMERICAN Anonymous     1944 
WWII. German Officers & Nazi flag. 77th D.I. & Artillery Officer.   GERMAN Anonymous     1944 
Young People and Flag.   Myhin; Atibayov; Pedyenko   Bronze  1951 

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