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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Mask.   BANGWE Anonymous   Wood  1850-1920 
Seated male figure. Tribal elder.   DOGON Anonymous   Wood & metal  c. 1850-1950 
Beaded crown.   SENUFO Anonymous   Beaded  1800-1950 
Divination bowl.   YORUBA osa   Wood  c. 1910--1954 
Chief's throne.   HEHE Anonymous   Wood  c. 1900-1914 
Palace door. Life of Ruler with female sacrifice.   OLOWE OF ISE   Wood  1904-1910 
Stool.   WEST AFRICAN Anonymous   Wood  c. 1850-1925 
Chief's chair.   CHOKWE Anonymous   Wood  1800-1950 
Empty throne of Roman Emperor.   ROMAN IMPERIAL Anonymous   Marble  c. 100-400 
Silver missorium. David presented to Saul.   EARLY BYZANTINE Anonymous   Silver  610-630 
Moorish Chief.   CHARLEMONT Eduard     c. 1800 
Profile of Akhenaten. Relief study.   EGYPTIAN AMARNA PERIOD Anonymous   Limestone  c. 1350 BCE-1340 BCE 
Ramses III crowned by Horus (order) & Set (anarchy).   EGYPTIAN NEW KINGDOM Anonymous   Granite  1185 BCE-1070 BCE 
Horus with crown of Egypt from Temple of Hatshepsut.   EGYPTIAN XVIII DYNASTY Anonymous     c. 1450 BCE 
Obelisk of Thutmosis I. Relief of Tuthmosis I. Offerings to Amun & Horus.   EGYPTIAN NEW KINGDOM Anonymous   Stone  c. 1550 BCE-1400 BCE 
Temple of Luxor. Colossal Ramses II.   EGYPTIAN NEW KINGDOM Anonymous   Stone  1290 BCE-1224 BCE 
William I of Orange.   KEY Adriaen Thomasz   Oil  c. 1565-1589 
Tomb of Tutankhamun. Crown with vulture & cobra.   EGYPTIAN XVIII DYNASTY Anonymous   Gold  c. 1332 BCE-1323 BCE 
Savages of the Pacific.   CHARVEL Jean Gabriel     1806 
Sultan Mohmed II.   FERRARO Constanzo de     1491 
Johangis Entertaining Shah Abbas I of Persia. Detail.   MUGHAL Anonymous     1605-1627 
Muhammad Ali Khan; Newab of Ascot.   KETTLE Tilly     1770 
Charles V; Francis I; Henry VIII & Suleyman.   FRENCH RENAISSANCE Anonymous   Ink on paper  c. 1530-1550 
Kaiser Leopold I on Horseback.   STEINL Matthias   Ivory  1690-1693 
Robert First Earl of Lytton. Viceroy to India.   BRITISH COLONIAL Anonymous     1876-1880 

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