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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Pan-American Unity (Marriage of the Artistic Expression of the North and South o   RIVERA Diego   Movable steel frames.  1940 
Political mural. Martin Luther King.   AMERICAN Anonymous   spray can on cement  1988 
Political mural. Justice.   AMERICAN Anonymous     1988 
Political mural. Sojourner Truth.   AMERICAN Anonymous     1988 
Mars surrounded by Arts & Sciences vanquishing ignorance.   CLAEISSINS Anthuenis     1605 
French Patriots Singing La Marseilles.   DONCRE Dominique     1794 
Massacre of the Marquise de Pellepont.   THEVENIN Charles     18 c 
4 September 1870. Proclamation of the Republic. Model.   MAURICE Leopold     1881-1883 
Triumph of the Republic. Model.   DALOU Aime Jules   Plaster  1879 
L'Internationale; Paris. Lithographic stone.   STEINLEN Theophile Alexandre     c. 1890-1915 
The Two are Guilty. Poster.   GERMAN Anonymous     1932 
Adolph Hitler.   ERLER Fritz     c. 1930 
Volkischer Beobachter. Nazi newspaper.   NAZI Anonymous     1939 
Volkischer Beobachter. Nazi newspaper.   NAZI Anonymous     1937 
Nurnberg.Guilty! Poster.   FREISE Jurgen     1946 
Build the Five Year Plan. Communist Poster.   GERMAN Anonymous     1952 
Anti-American Poster.   COMMUNIST Anonymous     c. 1950 
Mussolini Mementos Window; Messina.   FASCIST Anonymous     c. 1930-1945 
The Voice of Reason. #5.   GROSZ George     c. 1918-1932 
Even at Play. #10.   GROSZ George     c. 1918-1932 
Red Guard Poster.   COMMUNIST Anonymous     c. 1970 
Free Nelson Mandela & All South African Political Prisoners.   GARCIA Rupert     1981 
Libertad para los Prisoneros Politicos! (Angela Davis).   GARCIA Rupert     1971 
Paris. Arc de Triomphe. Detail: La Marseillaise (Departure of the Vo   RUDE François   Stone  1833-1836 
Not as Strong. A Devil as he is Drawn. (Hitler)   KYCRINISKI     1942 

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