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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Tombstone with solar wheel & doves.   ROMAN Anonymous     c.100-300 
Tippoo's Tiger. Musical Automation.   BRITISH COLONIAL Anonymous     c.1790s 
Luttrell Psalter.Watermill & fish traps.   BRITISH GOTHIC Anonymous   Parchment  c.1340 
Post mill. Reconstruction.   AMERICAN FEDERAL STYLE Anonymous     c. 1700-1799 
Post mill. Reconstruction.   AMERICAN FEDERAL STYLE Anonymous     c. 1700-1799 
Rainbow at Takanawa.   HIROSHIGE Ando     1858 
Mill of the goddess & phallic stone.   NEOLITHIC Anonymous     c. 3000 BCE 
Mill of the goddess with vaginal symbol.   NEOLITHIC Anonymous     3000 BCE 
Automata of Al-Jazar. Basin of a servant.   FARRUK IBN ABD AL-LALIF     1315 
Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices. (Automata of Al-Jazar?) Water   MAMLUK Anonymous     1315 
Automata of Al-Jazar. Mechanical boat with musicians & men drinking.   FARRUK IBN ABD AL-LALIF     1315 
Wheels of sun god.   GALLO-ROMAN Anonymous   Bronze  1 - 400 
Marsat Church.Solar wheel.   FRENCH ROMANESQUE Anonymous   Wax thread  c. 900-999 
24-spindle spinning frame.   SLATER Samuel     c. 1770-1780 
Satyr & women at well.   GREEK BLACK-FIGURE Anonymous   Earthenware  c. 490 BCE 
Hill of Montmartre with Windmills.   VAN GOGH Vincent     Autumn 1886 
Vab Bay.   NESBITT Lowell     1969 
Mill by Moonlight.   MONDRIAN Piet     1906 
Mill in Sunlight.   MONDRIAN Piet   Oil on Canvas  1908 
The Bewitched Mill.   MARC Franz     1913 
The Dream Machine.   SAINT-PHALLE Niki de     1967 
Big Rooster.   SMITH David   Forged and welded steel  1945 
Study/Falling Man (Car Man).   TROVA Ernest Tino   Bronze  1966-1967 
Street poster: Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge.   EL LISSITZKY     1919 
Double Screw Arch Bridge (State III).   OLDENBURG Claes     1981 

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