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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Satyr antefix.   ETRUSCAN Anonymous   Terracotta  c. 500 BCE-400 BCE 
Sleeping Satyr or Barberini Faun. Frontal view.   GREEK HELLENISTIC Anonymous   Marble  c. 220 BCE 
Young satyr.   PRAXITELES   Stone  c. 350 BCE 
Torso of a Satyr.   PRAXITELES   Stone  c. 350 BCE 
Drunken Satyr.   GREEK HELLENISTIC Anonymous   Marble  c. 300 BCE 
Attic bell krater. Dionysus with Satyrs.   METHUSE PAINTER     c. 450 BCE 
Apulian calyx-krater. Dionysus & Ariadne banqueting.   ATHENS 1714 PAINTER     c. 375 BCE-350 BCE 
Red-figure column krater. Dionysus & Satyr.   PIG PAINTER     c. 480 BCE 
Attic bell krater. Satyr. Detail.   METHUSE PAINTER     c. 450 BCE-400 BCE 
Satyr with grapes & goats.   ROMAN IMPERIAL Anonymous     100-300 
Triumph of Bacchus. Detail. Faun.   ROMAN Anonymous   Glass  1-300 
Mask of a satyr.   ROMAN IMPERIAL Anonymous     2 c 
Landscape with satyr family.   ALTDORFER Albrecht   Oil on Wood  1507 
Satyr & women at well.   GREEK BLACK-FIGURE Anonymous   Earthenware  c. 490 BCE 
Sleeping Faun.   HOSMER Harriet Goodhue     1865 
Sleeping Faun. Detail.   HOSMER Harriet Goodhue     1865 
Selenis.   CARRACCI Annibale     1500-1700 
Satyr Donato & Cupid.   CORTONA Pietro da   Oil on Canvas  17 c 
Two Satyrs.   RUBENS Peter Paul     c. 1620-1640 
Goat Amaltea with Zeus as a Child & a Faun.   BERNINI Gian Lorenzo   Marble  c. 1615 
Nymphs Pursued by Satyrs.   DAUMIER Honoré Victorin   Oil on Canvas  1850 
Satyr and Peasant.   STEEN Jan     Before 1679 
Pastoral: Monument to Debusay (Afternoon of a Faun).   BOURDELLE Émile Antoine     1908 
Satyr Hunter.   GREEK HELLENISTIC Anonymous   Marble  300 BCE-1 BCE 
Dionysiac mosaic. Detail: Satyr with bear & goat; putto with grape vines.   ROMAN PROVINCIAL Anonymous     c. 100-299 

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