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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Vatican Map Gallery. Ceiling. Detail: Pope Leo turns back Attila the Hun.   ITALIAN RENAISSANCE Anonymous     18 c 
This Time to Berlin. Allied Powers poster.   FRENCH Anonymous     1944 
Back Him Up! Buy War Bonds.   BENTON Thomas Hart     1942 
Invasion. World War II.   SOVIET Anonymous     c. 1950-1959 
Bayeux Tapestry. William's Invasion Fleet sails across the Channel in 1066.   ANGLO-NORMAN Anonymous   Linen & wool  c. 1080 
St. Peter's. The Encounter of Leo I & Attila the Hun.   ALGARDI Alessandro   Marble  1622-1654 
WWII. Map of Campaigne 7th Army in Southern France from August 15 1944.   FRENCH Anonymous     1944 
WWII. Normandy Map of Operations in 1944.Bombing Raids.   FOSTER Robert     1953-1954 
WWII. Liberation & the Battle of France.The Durham Light into the town of Lagar   GROSS Anthony     1944 
WWII. Cover of Ensemble #1. Liberation Photo.   FRENCH Anonymous     1944 
WWII. German soldiers surrender at Normandy. June 1944. Ensemble Cover.   AMERICAN Anonymous     1944 
WWII. Surrender in Normandy.   AMERICAN Anonymous     1944 
WWII. German Poster of Invasion of Normandy.   GERMAN Anonymous     1944 
WWII. British Poster. 'It's up to Us to Let'em have it.'   UPTON Clive     1944 
WWII. Normandy American Sector Landing US First Army. June 7 1944.   AMERICAN Anonymous     1944 
WWII.US Rangers taking Point de Hoch. Die Wehrmacht Cover:   GERMAN Anonymous     1944 
WWII. Normandy. Point du Hoc. German fortified gun emplacement. Taken by the Ame   COHEN Kathleen     1944 
WWII. Normandy. Point du Hoc. German fortification taken by rangers. June 1944.   COHEN Kathleen     2001 
WWII. Normandy First Allied Tanks. Aerial view.   FRENCH Anonymous     1944 
WWII. Allied Invasions of Normandy. June 6 1944.   AMERICAN Anonymous     1944 
WWII. Omaha Beach in Normandy. Site of Allied invasion.   COHEN Kathleen     2001 
WWII. Normandy. Map of Operations 1944-1945.   FOSTER Robert     1953-1954 
WWII. Normandy Arromanches Artificial Harbor. Model of vehicle bridge.   HUGHES H.     1944 
WWII. Normandy Arromanches Artificial Harbor. Model.   HUGHES H.     1944 
WWII. Normandy Map of Operations in 1944.   FOSTER Robert     1953-1954 

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