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Building of the temple at Uruk.

SUMERIAN Anonymous (3500 BCE - 2000 BCE)
33rd-31st c BCE Mesopotamian Sumerian (Eary Dynastic) Graphic Arts

The Building of the Pyramids.

Henry Ossawa TANNER (1859 - 1937)
Oil on canvas
19th c American Historical Painting

Tomb of Nebamun and Ipuky. Banquet Scene.

EGYPTIAN XVIII DYNASTY Anonymous (c.1570 BCE - 1293 BCE)
Paint; Mud; Straw; Ox fat
15th c BCE Egyptian Egyptian New Kingdom Painting

La Pasadita Structure 1. Lintel 1. King & prisoner. Detail: Prisoner.

CHAK KALTE' (act. c. 759-771)
8th c Pre-Columbian: Mesoamerican Mayan (Late Classic) Architectural Sculpture

Actor's mask. Slave.

GREEK HELLENISTIC Anonymous (323 BCE - 30 BCE )
2nd c BCE Greek Greek Hellenistic Sculpture

African Youth.

ROMAN Anonymous (753 BCE - 476 )
1st-3rd c Roman Roman Imperial Sculpture


ROMAN IMPERIAL Anonymous (c. 27 BCE - 284 CE)
2nd-3rd c Roman Roman Imperial Sculpture

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