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Tablet & envelope.

SUMERIAN Anonymous (3500 BCE - 2000 BCE)
28th-27th c BCE Mesopotamian Sumerian (Eary Dynastic) Sculpture

Offering bearers.

EGYPTIAN MIDDLE KINGDOM Anonymous (c. 2124 BCE - 1786 BCE )
21st c BCE Egyptian Egyptian Middle Kingdom Sculpture

Trading letters.

BABYLONIAN Anonymous (1900 BCE - 1600 BCE)
17th c BCE Mesopotamian Babylonian Document

Trade routes of Hopewell Indians. 200 BCE-800 CE.

HOPEWELL Anonymous
2nd c BCE-8th c CE Native American Hopewell Maps & Diagrams

Lead packing slips.

ROMAN PROVINCIAL Anonymous (active c. 300 BCE - 500 CE)
1st c BCE-1st c CE Roman Roman Provincial Industrial Arts

A baker.

POMPEIAN FOURTH STYLE Anonymous (63 - 79)
1st c Roman Roman (Pompeian Fourth Style) Painting

Jewelry shop.

GALLO-ROMAN Anonymous (active 1st c BCE - 4th c)
2nd-3rd c Roman Roman Provincial Sculpture

Trajan's Market.

ROMAN IMPERIAL Anonymous (c. 27 BCE - 284 CE)
2nd c Roman Roman Imperial Architecture

Trajan's Market.

APOLLODORUS OF DAMASCUS (act. early 2nd c)
2nd c Roman Roman Imperial (Trajanic) Architecture

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