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Pazuzu. Demon king of evil wind.

SUMERIAN Anonymous (3500 BCE - 2000 BCE)
29th-26th c BCE Mesopotamian Sumerian (Eary Dynastic) Sculpture

Demon head. Hunbaba. Southwest wind brings fever.

NEO-SUMERIAN Anonymous (2150 BCE - 1800 BCE)
3rd-2nd millennium BCE Mesopotamian Neo-Sumerian Sculpture

Mask of the demon Huwawa (Humbaba).

WARAD-MARDUK (c. 1800 BCE-1600 BCE)
19th-17th c BCE Mesopotamian Bronze Age Applied Arts

Head of Pazuzu.

BABYLONIAN Anonymous (1900 BCE - 1600 BCE)
9th-6th c BCE Mesopotamian Babylonian Sculpture

Head of Marduk.

NEO-BABYLONIAN Anonymous (625 BCE - 539 BCE)
1st c BCE Mesopotamian Babylonian (Neo) Sculpture


CYPRO-PHOENICIAN Anonymous (c. 1000 BCE - 64 BCE)
5th c BCE Cypriot Phoenician (Cypriot) Sculpture

Male mask.

CARTHAGINIAN Anonymous (active 814 BCE - 64 BCE)
4th c BCE Phoenician Phoenician (Punic) Sculpture

Demon mask.

PHOENICIAN Anonymous (active c. 1500 BCE - 64 BCE)
2nd c BCE Phoenician Phoenician (Punic) Sculpture

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