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Tattoo from the right arm of a tribal chief.

PAZYRYK Anonymous (act. c. 6th c BCE-3th c BCE)
Human skin
5th c BCE Central Asian Scythian Animal style Applied Arts

Head of a man. Frontal view.

IFE Anonymous
12th-15th c African (West) Ife Sculpture

Head of a Man. Side view.

IFE Anonymous
12th-14th c African (West) Ife Sculpture

Ife prince.

IFE Anonymous
15th c African (West) Ife Sculpture

Commemorative trophy head.

EDO PEOPLE Anonymous ((pre-1500 - present)
Copper alloy; Iron
15th-16th c African (West) Benin Kingdom Sculpture

Head of Queen.

EDO PEOPLE Anonymous ((pre-1500 - present)
16th c African (West) Benin Kingdom Sculpture

Helmet mask.

MAKONDE Anonymous
20th c African (East) Makonde Sculpture

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