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Human Races. Fishing.

CORMAN (aka Fernand Anne Piestre 1845-1924)
Oil; Canvas
19th c French Romantic Realist Painting

Bone fish hooks

PALEOLITHIC Anonymous (1500000 BCE - 8000 BCE)
25th-15th millennium BCE European Paleolithic: Solutrean Industrial Arts

Fish hooks and weights.

NEOLITHIC Anonymous (9000 BCE - c. 2000 BCE)
55th c BCE-22nd c BCE Balkans Neolithic Industrial Arts

Fish hook made from deer toe bone.

Deer bone
2nd-1st millennium BCE Native American Native American (Archaic) Applied Arts

Shark Hook and Line.

HAWAIIAN Anonymous
Bone; cord
18th c Hawaiian Oceanic (Polymesian) Applied Arts

Fish hooks.

EGYPTIAN Anonymous
29th-13th c BCE Egyptian Industrial Arts

Fishnet. Reconstructed.

NEOLITHIC Anonymous (9000 BCE - c. 2000 BCE)
Cord; stone
50th-30th c BCE Balkans Neolithic Industrial Arts

Wooden Fish Trap.

GERMANIC Anonymous (c. 375 - c. 750)
70th c BCE Scandinavian Neolithic Industrial Arts

Cradle & Fish Trap.

MAIDU Anonymous (19th c - present)
20th c Native American Maidu Industrial Arts

Applique based on fish label.

20th c Panamanian Folk Textiles

Vessel with Fisherman and Net.

NAZCA Anonymous (active Early Intermediate c. 100 - 700)
3rd-7th c Pre-Columbian: Andean Nazca (Early Intermediate) Ceramics

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