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Venus from Laussel.

PALEOLITHIC Anonymous (1500000 BCE - 8000 BCE)
25th millennium BCE European Paleolithic: Aurignacian Sculpture

Queen of the Night.

BABYLONIAN Anonymous (1900 BCE - 1600 BCE)
2nd millennium BCE Mesopotamian Babylonian Sculpture

Amulet. Astarte

CANAANITE Anonymous (c. 3000 BCE-1200 BCE)
1500-1250 c BCE Levantine Canaanite Sculpture


NEO-BABYLONIAN Anonymous (625 BCE - 539 BCE)
3rd-2nd c BCE Mesopotamian Babylonian (Neo) Sculpture

Snake goddess

MINOAN Anonymous (2800 BCE - 1100 BCE)
Gold & ivory on Gold & ivory
15t c BCE Aegean Minoan Metalwork

Snake Goddess.

MINOAN Anonymous (2800 BCE - 1100 BCE)
17th c BCE Aegean Minoan (Late) Sculpture

L. Cybele R. Attis

ROMAN IMPERIAL Anonymous (c. 27 BCE - 284 CE)
2nd-3rd c Roman Roman Imperial Sculpture

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