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Loom & weavers.

EGYPTIAN Anonymous
26th-7th c BCE Egyptian Textiles


NEOLITHIC Anonymous (9000 BCE - c. 2000 BCE)
26th-16th c BCE European Neolithic Textiles

Reconstructed Bronze Age Loom.

BRONZE AGE Anonymous (c. 2000 BCE - c. 500 BCE)
14th-13th c BCE Scandinavian Bronze Age Applied Arts

Khorsabad. Palace of Sargon II. Sculpted carpet .

NEO-ASSYRIAN Anonymous (c. 1000 BCE - 609 BC)
8th c BCE Mesopotamian Assyrian (Neo) Architectural Sculpture

Neck Amphora. Departure of a Youth.

PAINTER OF MUNICH 1410 (active c. 530 BCE - )
Earthenware; glaze
6th c BCE Greek Attic black-figure Ceramics

Oinochoe. Women Perfuming Clothes.

MEDIAS PAINTER (active C. 420 BCE-410 BCE - )
Earthenware; glaze
5th c BCE Greek Attic red-figure Ceramics

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