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Tablet with inscriptions & geometric shape.

SUMERIAN Anonymous (3500 BCE - 2000 BCE)
30th-20th c BCE Mesopotamian Sumerian (Eary Dynastic) Books & Manuscripts

Tabulation for a water-clock.

NEO-BABYLONIAN Anonymous (625 BCE - 539 BCE)
7th-6th c BCE Mesopotamian Babylonian (Neo) Books & Manuscripts

Funerary Papyrus of King's Scribe Hunefer.

EGYPTIAN NEW KINGDOM Anonymous (c.1570 BCE - 1070 BCE)
Pigment on Papyrus
13th c BCE Egyptian Egyptian New Kingdom Books & Manuscripts

Amduat of Amenophis, Priest of Amun. Detail.

EGYPTIAN XXI DYNASTY Anonymous (c. 1075 BCE-950 BCE)
11th c BCE Egyptian Egyptian Third Intermediate period Books & Manuscripts

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