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Akkadian cylinder seal.

AKKADIAN Anonymous (2334 BCE - 2157 BCE)
22nd-21st c BCE Mesopotamian Akkadian Sculpture

Album page of poetry.

MUGHAL Anonymous (1526 - 1858)
Opaque watercolors and gold on paper
18th c Indian Mughal Books & Manuscripts

Alcuin Bible.

CAROLINGIAN Anonymous (750 - 987)
9th c French Carolingian Books & Manuscripts

Altar 5. Two priests.Tikal.

MAYAN Anonymous
7th c Pre-Columbian: Mesoamerican Mayan (Classic) Sculpture

Amarna Letters.

EGYPTIAN XVIII DYNASTY Anonymous (c.1570 BCE - 1293 BCE)
14th c BCE Egyptian Egyptian New Kingdom Document

Amber Amulets.

GERMANIC Anonymous (c. 375 - c. 750)
75th c BCE Scandinavian Neolithic Applied Arts

Amduat of Amenophis, Priest of Amun. Detail.

EGYPTIAN XXI DYNASTY Anonymous (c. 1075 BCE-950 BCE)
11th c BCE Egyptian Egyptian Third Intermediate period Books & Manuscripts

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