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MIMBRES Anonymous
11th c-13th c Native American Mimbres Ceramics

Buffalo hide shield.

GROS VENTRE Anonymous (active before 19th c - present)
Leather/feathers/human hair
19th c Native American Gros Ventre Applied Arts

Buffalo Robe with War Exploits.

PLAINS INDIAN Anonymous (active c. 1700 - Present)
Buffalo hide; porcupine quills
19th c Native American Plains Applied Arts

Buffalo robe. Exploit.

ARAPAHO Anonymous
20th c Native American Arapaho Textiles

Ceremonial pot with trophy head.

MISSISSIPPIAN Anonymous (c. 800 - 1750)
14th-17th c Native American Mississippian Sculpture

Ceremonial shield with the cosmos.

AZTEC Anonymous (c 1193 - c 1516)
15th-16th c Pre-Columbian: Mesoamerican Aztec Applied Arts


TOLTEC Anonymous (active Post Classic c. 900 - 1200)
13th c Pre-Columbian: Mesoamerican Toltec Sculpture

Chalchiuhtlicue. Goddess of the Water.

TEOTIHUACAN Anonymous (Early Classic c. 1 - 600)
3rd c Pre-Columbian: Mesoamerican Teotihuacan Sculpture

Chama Vase of a Shaman Painted Black with Leopard Skin and Priest.

MAYAN Anonymous
Polychrome Earthenware
7th-9th c Pre-Columbian: Mesoamerican Mayan (Classic) Ceramics

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