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A Kuanjama Wedding.

John MUAFANGEJO (1943-1987)
20th c Namibian Expressionist Graphic Arts

Aboriginal bark painting of an animal.

AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINAL Anonymous (active Prehistory - present)
19th-20th c Australian Aboriginal Oceanic (Australian Aborigine) Painting

Amilcar Cabral memorial fabric.

AFRICAN Anonymous
20th c African Popular Culture Textiles

Ancestor. Meeting house panel.

MAORI Anonymous
19th-20th c Oceanic: Polynesian Maori Sculpture

Ancestors. Wall hanging for cult house.

19th-20th c New Ireland Oceanic (Melanesian) Textiles

Ancestral Mbis poles.

ASMAT Anonymous
Wood; pigment
20th c Papua New Guinea Oceanic (Melanesian) Sculpture

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