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T. Taharqa as Sphinx. C. Taharqa making an Offering. B. Aman with human arms.

EGYPTIAN XXV DYNASTY Anonymous (c. 750 BCE-656 BCE)
Bronze; Graywacke; Gold leaf; Wood; Silver leaf
7th-1st c BCE Nubian (Nubian Kushite) Sculpture

Jar with Animals.

MEROITIC Anonymous (c. 300 BCE-c. 360 CE)
1st c BCE-1st c CE Nubian Meroitic Ceramics

Pilgims to Mecca.

Leon BELLY (1827 - 1877)
19th c French Orientalist Painting

TL. Musician TR. Fabric embroidered with raffia. B. Ivory oliphants.

EDO PEOPLE Anonymous ((pre-1500 - present)
TL Copper alloy TR Raffia B. Ivory
16th-18th c African (West) Benin Kingdom Sculpture

Lidded Saltcellars.

SAPI-PORTUGUESE Anonymous (active c. 1500 - c. 1700)
15th-16th c African (West) Afro-Portuguese Sculpture

World Maps. Details of Africa.

ISLAMIC Anonymous
16th-18th c Islamic Islamic Maps & Diagrams

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